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Mandeep Singh and Jasprett Kaur Sued for Fraud, Misrepresentation and Deceit

Lawsuit has been filed against Mandeep Singh and his wife Jasprett Kaur by the local member of the Sikh community for alleged fraud.  As per the lawsuit defendant Mandeep Singh expressed interest in purchasing partnership interest in Quick Biodiagnostics Lab for a total of $350,000 for a 50% interest in the company.  As per Varinder Singh, the Chief Operating Officer of Quick Biodiagnostics, defendant Mandeep Singh mentioned that he had funds totaling $200,000 arriving from the Middle East in two weeks and had the ability to get a bridge loan from an outside lender.  Both parties agreed to an initial payment of $25,000

In October 2016, Mandeep deposited $60,000 into Quick Biodiagnostics bank account from a Bank in Florida.  Due to the difference in amount agreed by both the parties for an initial deposit, defendant Mandeep requested Varinder Singh for the difference of $35,000 to be returned as the deal was for the first payment of $25,000 to buy a partnership interest.  Varinder paid $35,000 in form of a bank draft to the defendant Mandeep.

It is alleged that the defendant Mandeep borrowed money from Nextwave Enterprise LLC and had fraudulently secured the loan in Quick Biodiagnostics name to buy an interest in the partnership.

Additionally, the lawsuit also states how defendant Mandeep Singh convinced Sikh Gurudwara priest Narinder Singh in assisting him with his immigration issues for a $2,000 fee.  Defendant Mandeep got hold of priest Narinder Singh’s credit card and other pertinent information connected to the credit card.  Priest Narinder Singh’s was surprised to see the additional unauthorized transactions on his credit card by Mandeep Singh. To clear off the charges, Mandeep issued two checks totaling $10,700 to Priest Narinder Singh.  It is alleged that between October 2015 and November 2016, defendant Mandeep Singh charged over $68,700 in numerous credit card transactions without any prior authorizations.

As per the lawsuit, another couple Harpal Singh and Harpreet Kaur became the victim of business transactions by defendant Mandeep Singh.  Harpal and Harpreet invested over $22,000 in a business venture with Mandeep where Mandeep convinced them to invest in online trading in computer merchandise.  Harpal and Harpeet never received any merchandise, however, Mandeep Singh wrote couple of bad checks to them.  It is alleged that Mandeep cheated them off through the nefarious business scheme.  Additionally, Clark County District Attorney’s office has filed a criminal case against Jaspreet Kaur, wife of Mandeep Kaur for writing bad checks. A Bench Warrant will be issued if Jaspreet does not appear in the court.

In yet another case, another individual Suminder Singh Sodhi got cheated for a total of $50,000 by defendant Mandeep Singh.


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