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Sunday, May 12th, 2019 contact

Contact or Support For the past 15 years, vegasdesi has been the pulse of Las Vegas South Asian community. vegasdesi is committed to continuing the delivery of the actual real news based on real facts & happenings. With growing readership there are definitely plenty of issues, whether social or political, impacting our community. I am pleased to have published many news stories – community members achievements, celebrations, civil & criminal lawsuits & activities, along with exposing con artists, fraudulent behavior, bankruptcies, political news, community events information, and moreRead More

Las Vegas Resident Vivek Charged with Conspiracy to Distribute Drugs

Longtime Las Vegas resident Vivek (last name withheld), is charged by the federal authorities with a conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance.  The fed is charging Vivek with knowingly conspiring to distribute 50 or more of actual methamphetamine and a mixture of substance containing a detectable amount of cocaine. The charges are derived from FBI’s Special Agent, who is assigned to Safe Streets Gang Task Force, observations and consensual recording of phone conversations with Vivek’s cellular phone.  In August of 2018, the FBI Safe Streets Gang Task Force and theRead More