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Tuesday, September 24th, 2019


The East India Company – the pioneer of corporate aggression – Guest Author : Nirmalya Chatterjee

Introduction The East India Company (‘The Company’) was undoubtedly the greatest multinational corporate enterprise to succeed in replacing some of the most powerful rulers and subjugating the vast Indian sub-continent for over three hundred years in a calculated and ruthless manner. Shrewd acumen and Governmental support, backed by a small but superbly efficient team of administrators and ruthless private army were key to its achievements. This article is a brief account of the pioneering strategies and tactics the Company devised that enabled them to create the largest colony in history. Read More

Arun Gupta Named President of Las Vegas Chapter of EKAL Vidyalaya

Long-time EKAL Vidyalaya volunteer Arun Gupta has been named President of the local Las Vegas Chapter of the EKAL Vidyalaya.  He will succeed Alok Pandey who has moved on to join the EKAL national board. Arun with his firm commitment to EKAL and experience volunteering in the past will oversee annual fundraising to fund EKAL programs in rural India.  Arun, a graduate of UNLV Boyd School of Law, has resided in Vegas for over 14 years and is a regular in many community activities. Previously he was on the Executive Committee of the HinduRead More