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April, 2020


Indian American Physicians from UNLV School of Medicine at the Forefront of COVID-19 Pandemic

In the continuing menace of COVID-19, the Indian-American Physicians – Dr. Kush Modi, Dr. Aditi Singh,  Dr. Buddha Dawn, Dr. Amaan Shafi, Dr. Pallavi Satuluri and Dr. Ketan Patel, from the UNLV School of Medicine are vigorously providing medical care to the Las Vegas community.  Dr. Kush Modi…Well before the COVID-19 outbreak, Dr. Kush Modi was taking care of critically ill patients with a variety of lung diseases in the University Medical Center (UMC) intensive care units. His experience as a resident in internal medicine, coupled with a long-standing wonder at theRead More

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Six South Asian-Americans Running for Political Offices

2020 Election season is here and with Presidential Caucus over, the Southern Nevadans are getting ready to hear from the 380 candidates, including six members from the growing South Asian community, who have filed for over 100 elected offices.  The 2020 primary season has brought an unprecedented enthusiasm from the five Indian Americans and one Pakistani American candidate.  Most of the candidates have hit the campaign trail before the COVID-19, with campaign signs, phone banking, and door-to-door voter contact.  All the candidates have one thing in common – lack of campaign donations.  The traditionalRead More

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Fund Raising Help Buy Personal Protective Equipment

The fundraising by the local Indian non-profit groups is still an on-going effort.   The fund-raising group led by Dr. Vikas Sayal, President of the Nevada Association of Physician of Indian Origin, has raised over $7,300.  The money is being used to buy personal protective equipment (PPE) for the underserved smaller medical facilities.  The group has donated over 700 gowns and KN95 masks to the Rehab Center and other lesser-known medical facilities.  “The recipient facilities are thankful to the Indian community for the timely delivery of PPE’s,” said Dr. Sayal, NAPI President. The otherRead More

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Jay Parikh and Raj Patel Named Corporate Sponsored National Merit Scholarship Award Winner

Jay Parikh, a senior at Clark High School, and Raj Patel, a senior at the West Career and Tech Academy have won the 2020 corporate-sponsored National Merit Scholarship winner.  Parikh is planning to pursue a degree in Neuroscience, while Patel is undecided on his college major at this time.  The funding for the Parikh’s and Patel’s scholarship comes from the Walgreen Company, the nation’s largest and fastest-growing drugstore chain and the industry leader in sales, profits, and technology use. Both Parikh and Patel were selected from students who advanced to theRead More

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Can we wash blood with blood; you decide? Guest Author – Dr. Sulekh C. Jain

In the entire history of the human race, there have been wars.  Hardly, there been any moment, (not at least in 20th and 21st Century) when there has been no war going on; not just one but maybe several dozen at the same time. Mahabharata (many millennia ago),  1st World  War, 2nd World War, Korean War, Vietnam War, Congo War, Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan War, etc. are just a few of many examples.  Some may say that by nature, men are wired to wage and fight the war.  Indian history is full of wars and praises ofRead More

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Harvard Bound Eshaan Vakil Named Coca Cola Scholar and Semi-Finalist in the U.S. Presidential Scholars Program

Eshaan Vakil, a Clark High School Senior, is named to the 32nd class of Coca-Cola Scholars.  Vakil will receive a $20,000 college scholarship and join a family of 6,300+ alumni who are leading positive change in their communities and around the world. Akaash Krishnan from Reno’s acclaimed Davidson Academy is also honored to be the 32nd class of Coca-Cola Scholars. Less than 1/6th of 1% of applicants were chosen to receive this extremely competitive award. These 150 students, who were selected from an initial pool of 93,075 applications from across the country, not onlyRead More

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Dr. Kush Modi, ICU Physician Discusses Daily Efforts To Help Critical COVID-19 Patients

Well before the COVID-19 outbreak, you’d find Dr. Kush Modi taking care of critically ill patients with a variety of lung diseases in the University Medical Center (UMC) intensive care units. His experience as a resident in internal medicine, coupled with a long-standing wonder at the complexity and perfection of the respiratory system, spurred him to specialize in pulmonary and critical care medicine. Today, of course, he is doing all he can at UMC to save the lives of people stricken with the novel coronavirus. His first COVID-19 patient didRead More

Financial Reports of Candidates Running in Upcoming Election previously reported on six South Asian American candidates who are running for an office in an upcoming election.  The first contributions and expenses report for the year 2020 have been filed with the Nevada Secretary of State.  Unfortunately, all the candidates have one thing in common – a lack of financial support from our prosperous community to finance their respective campaigns. Here’s the analysis of fundraising activities by all the candidates. Fayyaz Raja – Former Vice-Chairman of the Clark County Democratic Party, Fayyaz Raja is running for an open seat Clark County Commission DistrictRead More

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Eric Kohli Sues Ajay Dayal of Quantified Investment Group for Non-Payment of Wages

Eric Kohli, the former General Counsel for the Quantified Investment Group is suing the owner Ajay Dayal for Non-Payment of Wages, Breach of Duty, Unjust Enrichment, Breach of Contract, Fraud and Retaliation & Wrongful Termination.  Eric Kohli is licensed to practice with the US Patent and Trademark Office, Supreme Court in Missouri and Illinois.  Although not licensed to practice in Nevada, Eric informed Dayal he could work as in-house as an employee of the company, Quantified Investments and it’s affiliated companies.   Few days after the initial meeting, Dayal hired Eric effectiveRead More

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Nevada Association of Physician of Indian Origin, Friends of India, South Asian Political Network Alliance and Vegasdesi to Raise Funds for Medical Community

In an ongoing commitment to the local health care community, the Nevada Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (NAPI), Friends of India (FOI), South Asian Political Network Alliance (SAPNA) and Vegasdesi have joined hands to raise funds to procure much-needed protective gear and equipment for the medical service providers.  The member organizations of Coalition for Physicians Accountability has declared that under the ethical tenets of their profession, physicians routinely care for others despite personal risk. Without safeguards such as proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and adequate testing, they are puttingRead More

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