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April, 2020


Nevada Association of Physician of Indian Origin, Friends of India, South Asian Political Network Alliance and Vegasdesi to Raise Funds for Medical Community

In an ongoing commitment to the local health care community, the Nevada Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (NAPI), Friends of India (FOI), South Asian Political Network Alliance (SAPNA) and Vegasdesi have joined hands to raise funds to procure much-needed protective gear and equipment for the medical service providers.  The member organizations of Coalition for Physicians Accountability has declared that under the ethical tenets of their profession, physicians routinely care for others despite personal risk. Without safeguards such as proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and adequate testing, they are puttingRead More

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South Asian Candidates Forum – Radhika P. Kunnel, Candidate for NV State Assembly District 2

The 2020 primary season has brought an unprecedented enthusiasm from the South-Asian American candidates for the local races.  There are six candidates from the South Asian community vying for various elected offices. Most of the candidates have hit the campaign trail before the COVID-19, with campaign signs, phone banking, and door-to-door voter contact.  This publication has invited all the candidates to send their message to the growing and prosperous Southern Nevada South Asian community. The first in series is Radhika P. Kunnel who is running for an open NV State AssemblyRead More

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Indian Community Volunteers Make Protective Masks for Health Care Professionals

With the ongoing brutality and ruthless speed of the COVID-19 pandemic and self-isolation by communities across the world, the front line health workforce is facing challenges of enormous proportions.  Locally, the news media has inundated the community with the colossal shortage of basic medical protective equipment. The local Indian community led by Ms. Chandra Mehta decided to assist the medical community with their safety protection equipment.  With the critical ongoing shortage of protective masks, Chandra came up with an idea of designing and fabricating the face masks to be distributed to theRead More

New Investigation Initiated Against Dr. Dhaval Shah by the Medical Board. Another Patient Died.

The Investigative Committee of the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners filed a formal complaint against Dr. Dhaval Jasvantbhai Shah, owner of Clinical Infectious Diseases Specialist (CIDS) alleging two violations pertaining to malpractice and failure to maintain complete and accurate medical records. For the past one year, Dr. Dhaval Shah has been at the forefront of multiple medical and non-medical lawsuits, medical board investigation, along with a recent investigation completed by the US Department of Labor related to his business labor practices. As per the latest complaint, Dr. Shah’s patient (name withheld) was admitted to theRead More

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China Now Playing Savior of Global Virus Pandemic – Guest Author Nirmalya Chatterjee

China’s political, economic and propaganda machines are now at full gear trying to change the narrative on global pandemic of COVID-19. The Origin The Chinese Communist Party and the Beijing central government thought that they had instituted a ‘fail safe’ reporting system after their experience with the SARS crisis of 2012. But all hell broke loose this time with the emergence of COVID-19 in Wuhan. The local Wuhan administration downplayed and covered up the outbreak when it first emerged last December out of the fear of retribution from the ChineseRead More