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Thursday, July 16th, 2020


Second Quarter Campaign Financials From Indian-American Candidates Released

After succeeding in their respective primary races, two Indian American candidates, Radhika Pochapally-Kunnel for Assembly District 2 and Swadeep Nigam for Regent, University System, had the ardent task of raising funds for the upcoming general election on November 3rd, 2020. All candidates running for public office were required to file their second quarter financial reports by Wednesday, July 15.  Based on the filed reports, Democrat Kunnel, candidate for Assembly District 2, started her fundraising efforts in November 2019. For the second quarter ending on June 30th, Kunnel raised $2,618 fromRead More

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Harvard bound Eshaan Vakil on COVID tracing

As the nation struggles with the resurgence of COVID-19, robust contact tracing could help alleviate much of the strain on our already-burdened health care systems. However, we have a massive shortfall in the number of available contact tracers. Contact tracing — identifying people who have been exposed to people with COVID-19 and asking them to self-isolate — has shown its effectiveness, helping to eradicate the disease from New Zealand and other places. In the Mountain West region, we can no longer afford to fight the pandemic with one hand tiedRead More

Advising with Empathy – Rimi Marwah, Director of Academic Advising at UNLV

Planning and consistent communication are Rimi Marwah’s tools of the trade. Marwah, director of academic advising for the Greenspun College of Urban Affairs, usually describes an adviser’s job as an effort to “see the forest through the trees.” She and fellow advising staff constantly look for complications that could derail student progress. When the global coronavirus pandemic struck, Marwah and the staff used that awareness and those tools to build a reliable, remote advising infrastructure for Urban Affairs students. “Advisers play an utterly vital role in every student’s success. We’re there when theyRead More