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Thursday, October 8th, 2020


2020 GENERAL ELECTION ENDORSEMENTS is pleased to announce the endorsements for the 2020 general election.  The endorsements below are the result of months of research on candidates’ background, qualifications, professional experience, and in certain instances informal meetings with the candidates. Exercising your right to vote matters as the elected officials have a constitutional and legal power to create, change, define, and enforce policies impacting your daily life.’s election advisory panel includes members from both the political parties and an independent.  All the members have a wide, diverse political experience & an in-depth knowledge of theRead More

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Friends of India Diwali Celebrations go Virtual

With successful India’s Independence Day virtual celebrations, the Friends of India has decided to celebrate the upcoming Diwali festival virtually. During this COVID pandemic, Friends of India (FOI) is following the guiding principles and best practices recommended by the CDC and Nevada State to control the spread of the virus and protect members. It is recommended to minimize contacts and minimize large gatherings. Crisis creates opportunities and FOI will use new technology to learn, to meet, and to entertain.  FOI Virtual Diwali 2020 Event The FOI Virtual Diwali 2020 eventRead More