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November, 2022


Sasi Pillay, Ph.D., Appointed Vice President of Information Technology, University of Nevada, Reno

After a nationwide search, the University of Nevada, Reno, has named Dr. Sasi Pillay as the new Vice President for Information Technology. Dr. Pillay will formally join UNR on February 1, 2023. In a letter to the Wolf Pack family, UNR President Brian Sandoval informed the community of Dr. Pillay’s appointment. Per the letter, Dr. Pillay is an experienced senior leader for information technology services serving for over 26 years in various positions across academia and government agencies. Most recently, Dr. Pillay served as the Vice President of Information Technology ServicesRead More


Free YOGA, MEDITATION, and CHAKRA HEALING sessions are offered by the local Indian community member Yogi Nataraj. The immersive experience will be provided at Breakfree studios on Sunday, December 4th, at 10 am. As per Yogi Nataraj Ji, the studio plans to continue offering free classes every weekend during December.  A unique holistic course will be conducted gently and holistically, with flexible stretches, Yoga Nidra Meditation, Mudra healing, and Chakra energy healing at a leisurely pace. The studio will provide herbal-free energy drinks at the end of every session.  TheRead More

First Indian-American Assemblyman Reuben D’Silva Featured in Las Vegas Sun

Reuben D’Silva remembers the deportation letter arriving years ago at his family’s northeast Las Vegas home explaining that his mother would have to return to their native India. Most of the family living in that cramped one-bedroom apartment, including D’Silva, were undocumented. He remembers watching his father work countless hours delivering pizzas, driving a bus, clerking at a bank or whatever odd job he could find to provide for his household. That included sending his children to private school at St. Christopher Catholic Church. D’Silva would never complain about hisRead More

The Guy who has the Gold Makes the Golden Rule – Guest Author Sulekh Jain, Ph.D.

It is an old adage “Guy with the Gold makes the Golden rule”  The just concluded US mid -term election was the costliest (estimate around $16 billion, may be more) in US history so far and it is predicted that the spending will remain on an upward trajectory and no one knows how high it will go and when. A few years ago, Oxfam reported that just eight of the richest people on earth own as much combined wealth as bottom half of the human race. This insane concentration of wealthRead More

A.P. Aggarwal Given Suspended Sentence in Child Abuse Case

After being adjudged guilty of child abuse neglect/endangerment, A.P. Aggarwal has been given 364 days suspended sentence with two days of credit for the time served at the Clark County Detention Center. Immediately after being convicted, Aggarwal was put on probation for an indeterminate period, not exceeding two years, with certain conditions. As per the conditions, Aggarwal must report in person to the Division of Parole and Probation and submit a monthly report on the prescribed forms as required by the division. Additionally, Aggarwal shall not change his place ofRead More

Ajay Dayal Forcibly Evicted

Ajay Dayal has been forcibly evicted from his home for not fulfilling his contractual obligations. Per court filings, Dayal lived in the property for more than seven years and was required to pay house payments. However, he rarely made any payments during all these years. The owner, Mr. Mike Thanh Vu, a disabled, elderly veteran, finally obtained a court order to retake possession of the property.  The constable physically removed Dayal from the property on Diwali Day, the 8th of November 2022. Officials said Dayal lived in squalor and kept the houseRead More

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History Made – Reuben D’Silva, First Indian-American Elected To The Nevada State Assembly

Bombay-born Indian-American Reuben D’Silva has been elected NV State Assemblyman from District 28 in the just concluded mid-term elections.  D’Silva becomes the first Indian-American in the Nevada State Legislature. After graduating from Rancho High School, D’Silva earned a B.A. in American and European history from UNLV.  He continued his academic aspirations by completing a master’s degree in Global Affairs from the University of Pennsylvania and another master’s degree from Yale University.  D’Silva served the country from 2004 to 2008, when he joined the US Marines and served in Iraq, where he came under enemyRead More

Friends of India Entertaining Diwali Event Experienced a Lugubrious Ending

Last weekend Friends of India Diwali event, with over 500 in attendance, at the local high school cafeteria started on a good note with a host of local children showcasing the diverse cultural dances from across India.  Friends of India President Ram Singh welcomed the attendees and thanked his executive committee for their continued commitment and contribution to the club’s activities. Singh introduced the incoming President, Rajat Sood, who introduced the new incoming executive committee for the 2022-24 term. The new executive committee members are Saroj Chatterjee, President-Elect; Neeru Piplani,Read More

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UNLV First-Gen Doctoral Student Meena Ejjada Attends Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting

To say Meena Ejjada had a productive summer would be an understatement. When the civil and environmental engineering Ph.D. student traveled to Germany in June for the 71st Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, she ticked off those accomplishments in one swoop.   “I had some starstruck moments. I was getting to meet my inspiration” said Ejjada, referring to Nobel laureate Venki Ramakrishnan. “ I’ve always looked up to him.”  Ejjada is the third doctoral student to represent UNLV at the prestigious meeting, which gathers scientists from different generations, disciplines, and cultures for the exchangeRead More

Plans for Hindu temple in Henderson move forward despite opposition

Despite the opposition of some residents, development of a Hindu temple in a rural Henderson neighborhood is “moving fast,” according to the project’s architect. Simona Stephens, project architect with Suzana Rutar Architect Ltd., said a civil engineer is already on board and the approval for the project’s civil engineering is estimated to take about a year. The plan after that is to focus construction on one structure in the complex at a time. The American Hindu Association has proposed building a Hindu temple near Berlin Avenue and Lisbon Street inRead More