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Abhay Mahajan at the Forefront of Preventing Crime Against Women in India

Abhay Mahajan, a Junior at the prestigious Clark High School magnet program, was stunned to hear the increasing violence against women in India has decided to pursue a safety program for women across India.

Abhay has started a non-profit group in conjunction with credible socially conscious individuals and groups in Chandigarh, Punjab, to kick start the crime promotion program with the goal of mass distribution of Hamari Shakti spray to women.  

“The Hindi name Hamari Shakti means our strength. Our organization aims to empower young women in India with the tools necessary to defend themselves against sexual assault and abuse”, said Abhay.

The compact personal pepper spray will be used for self-defense and will surely act as a deterrent to potential criminals. Hamari Shakti aerosol pepper sprays will deliver a highly concentrated spray of capsaicin, a derivative of red chili peppers, to incapacitate the perpetrator. 

Abhay was astoundingly creative and thoughtful in designing a logo for Hamari Shakti. Abhay’s inspiring logo of a tight fist of a woman depicts the powerful resilient female Bengal Tiger with a cultural accent of shimmering Bindi and Bangles replicating an Indian woman. The logo echoes the inner power, vigor, dynamism with the physical and emotional strength of Indian women like that of a Bengal Tiger.

With commitment and resources in place, Abhay strongly believes Hamari Shakti will bring a seismic change to women’s safety all across India.

For further information on Hamari Shakti and how you can help, please visit

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