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Afghanistan – The Endless War – What’s Next?

World Affairs Council of Las Vegas invites Professor Shadman Bashir of Dixie State University to address issues impacting the on-going war in Afghanistan, America’s longest-running war.

At a time when the United States under President Trump is shrinking its military presence in areas witnessing active crises, one theater stands out for the ongoing increase in American troop numbers and their engagement in armed combat: Afghanistan. A country characterized by its complex ethnic and linguistic characteristics–14 different ethnic groups are mentioned in its Constitution–and surrounded by neighbors with broad geopolitical reach and ambitions, such as China, Iran, and Pakistan, Afghanistan has witnessed what is now the longest military engagement in armed hostilities in U.S. history.

Beginning in 2001 in the wake of the September 11 terror attacks as an effort to deprive Al-Qa’eda of its main territorial base, through an active armed and intelligence presence on the ground, assisting in the training of Afghan military and security organs, and providing large-scale economic assistance, the U.S. role has found itself enmeshed in a highly complex environment. Shaped both by domestic Afghan conditions and the interventions of multiple regional powers and Islamist groups, conventional warfare, and terror incidents have continued largely unabated for almost two decades, and the threat of an eventual victory by the Islamist insurgency known as the Taliban is currently growing.

To shed historical light on this intricate conflict and discuss its current circumstances, we are pleased to host Professor Shadman Bashir, a recognized authority in this field, who currently teaches Law & International Relations at Dixie State University. A native of northwest Pakistan with an academic background in comparative legal systems, including Islamic Law, and the regional international affairs of South Asia and the Middle East, Mr. Bashir has recently lectured on this subject at the United States Military Academy in West Point and various other institutions. His various published writings include studies on Information Warfare, Islamic Terrorism, and Human Trafficking.

  • When – Wednesday, June 20th, 2018
  • Time – 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
  • Where – Spanish Trail Country Club, 5050 Spanish Trail Ln., Las Vegas
  • Cost – $ 25 per person; $30 at the door
  • Register ASAP – Please click here…


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