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Amrat Patel’s Former Ferguson Motel to be converted into Shopping Center and Tavern

In December 2012, Amrat Patel sold his 1946 built Ferguson Motel for $5 million to an entity controlled by Zappos founder & CEO Tony Hsieh who is planning a new shopping center and a tavern at the motel.

After acquiring the Ferguson Motel, the owner 1028 Fremont LLC submitted plans to the Las Vegas City Council for a creative and modern reuse of the 69 room motel.  New owners are keeping the existing building aesthetics and only proposing to change the uses within them. The complex would have over 50,000 sf of retail center consisting of 31 separate rentable units and another four spaces for restaurant and/or tavern limited uses among the two stories of the two buildings.

This week, the City Council approved the plans submitted by the new owners to refurbish Mr. Patel’s Ferguson Motel with the new retail and tavern complex.  The approval to refurbish is for two years and as a condition for approval, all the City Code requirements and design standards of all City Departments must be satisfied.  The proposal calls for Tavern to serve food along with an outdoor seating patio.  The project currently has two large parking lots, but under this site plan review, both will be converted to public outdoor plazas.

The proposed complex will provide a much needed amenities to the new urbanites and will energize the old downtown with funding from Zappos Tony Hseih.  It is expected that the newly revitalized complex will be open for business in spring of 2014.


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