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Arguments Over, Jury Deliberations begins in Dr. Desai’s Endoscopy Trial

After eight weeks of crucial testimonhy and numerous witnesses, Judge Valerie Adair gave jury instructions on how to proceed further with closing arguments from prosecutors and defence were done on done by Thursday, June 27th.

Among many witnesses, prosecutors called two Indian physicians Dr. Satish Sharma and Dr. Vish Sharma to testify on their business relationship with Dr. Dipak Desai.  Dr. Vish Sharma worked for Dr. Desai from 1994 till 2008 who testified that Dr. Desai was a micro manager who watched every financial transaction at the clinic.  Dr. Satish Sharma never worked for Dr. Desai, however, he signed a contract to manage a new clinic for Dr. Desai.  The new clinic plans were abandoned once the Health department shutdown Dr. Desai’s Endoscopy clinic.


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