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Indian Community Volunteers Make Protective Masks for Health Care Professionals

With the ongoing brutality and ruthless speed of the COVID-19 pandemic and self-isolation by communities across the world, the front line health workforce is facing challenges of enormous proportions.  Locally, the news media has inundated the community with the colossal shortage of basic medical protective equipment. The local Indian community led by Ms. Chandra Mehta decided to assist the medical community with their safety protection equipment.  With the critical ongoing shortage of protective masks, Chandra came up with an idea of designing and fabricating the face masks to be distributed to theRead More

China Now Playing Savior of Global Virus Pandemic – Guest Author Nirmalya Chatterjee

China’s political, economic and propaganda machines are now at full gear trying to change the narrative on global pandemic of COVID-19. The Origin The Chinese Communist Party and the Beijing central government thought that they had instituted a ‘fail safe’ reporting system after their experience with the SARS crisis of 2012. But all hell broke loose this time with the emergence of COVID-19 in Wuhan. The local Wuhan administration downplayed and covered up the outbreak when it first emerged last December out of the fear of retribution from the ChineseRead More

ANTI-CORONAVIRUS MEASURES!! Guest Author – Professor Satish Bhatnagar, Ph.D.

What I love about the US higher education system is the unrivaled academic freedom to design, teach and evaluate innovative and experimental courses without anyone’s approval. Since joining UNLV in 1974, I have fathered 15 different courses, workshops and honors seminars. This individual freedom in teaching has struck a chord in my mind as I have been reading about the global approach being taken in combating the onslaught of Coronavirus or Covid-19. The local and native treatments must not be discouraged.  Yesterday’s biggest headline was about a female medical researcherRead More

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Six South Asian-Americans Running for Political Offices

2020 Election season is here and with Presidential Caucus over, the Southern Nevadans are getting ready to hear from the 380 candidates, including six members from the growing South Asian community, who have filed for over 100 elected offices.  The 2020 primary season has brought an unprecedented enthusiasm from the five Indian Americans and one Pakistani American candidate.  Most of the candidates have hit the campaign trail before the COVID-19, with campaign signs, phone banking, and door-to-door voter contact.  All the candidates have one thing in common – lack of campaign donations.  The traditionalRead More

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Indian Restaurants are Open for Deliveries and Curbside Pickup

Pure India, India Palace, Shiraz, and Mint India are following the new reality of serving their customers via pick up and take out.  For years, these restaurants have been serving the community with their generosity and time has come to support them during these challenging times. Pure, Shiraz and Mint are serving the full menu for lunch and dinner, while India Palace is open during dinner hours only.  Additionally, Mint India’s is serving homestyle meals as well with ready-to-eat cooked roti, paranthas, food and fresh dosa, and idli batter along withRead More

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Annual EKAL Fundraiser Canceled Across the United States – DONATE ONLINE

With ongoing and newly reported challenges related to COVID-19, the EKAL USA has informed the local chapters of canceling their annual fundraising activities across the United States.  The springtime has become an annual ritual for local chapters to engage the local Indian community in raising funds for EKAL schools in remote areas of India. The Las Vegas chapters’ annual fundraiser concert was scheduled on Friday, April 3rd with a group of performers from India with 2020 theme “Bharat ke Rang, Ekal ke Sang”.  This year, the EKAL performers came from the villages of IndiaRead More

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Fayyaz Raja Candidate for County Commission Signs Vandalized

Fayyaz Raja, a candidate for the Clark County Commission, woke up on the weekend to the news of his political 4×8 signs were vandalized by unknown miscreants.  As per Raja, around 10 signs were totally destroyed with large cut-outs in the center of the displayed signs which were strategically placed around the boundaries of the Commission District C.  The defaced and damaged vandalized signs will cost over $750 to replace.  Raja has filed a report with the Las Vegas Metro to no avail.  As of today, there is no information on who didRead More

Friends of India Revisits 2019 – Guest Author Mahendra Mehta, President, Friends of India

It is my great pleasure to share with you the highlights of a very successful 2019 for Friends Of India.  At the same time, I invite you to our upcoming Holi event on March 22, 2020.  About a year ago during the 2019 Holi event, I and my high-performance team was elected unopposed to the executive committee of Friends Of India.  The new team was welcomed and blessed with immense support from our growing Indian community.  The new executive committee experienced a renewed interest by the community at Friends of India events.   2019 saw a significant increaseRead More

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Contact or Support   For the past 15 years, vegasdesi has been the pulse of the Las Vegas South Asian community. vegasdesi is committed to continuing the delivery of the actual real news based on real facts & happenings.  This online publication follows the tenets of innovative open source journalism based on public data. With growing readership there are definitely plenty of issues, whether social or political, impacting our community. I am pleased to have published many news stories – community members achievements, celebrations, civil & criminal lawsuitsRead More

Hindu Mandir Seeks Volunteers for the Executive Committee

The Hindu Temple and Jain Center of Las Vegas is requesting nominations for the new Executive Committee for the two year period beginning July 1, 2021. Currently, the Mandir is looking into recruiting for President, Secretary, and Treasurer. If you are interested in serving the Temple as part of the new Executive Committee, please send your nomination along with a brief write up of your qualifications highlighting prior volunteer work, commitment, professional background, and other pertinent information to… For further information, please contact Amarat Patel (Chairman):   702-218-2765 Neeru PiplaniRead More