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Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeons Ordered to Provide Patient Information

US District Court Judge James Mahan orders Dr. Bashir Chowdhry’s Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeons (CTS) to produce the outstanding medical and financial patient information within twenty days.


The government has opened an investigation into CTS’ billing practices, which seeks to determine whether CTS has submitted any false claims to the Medicare or Tricare programs.  The government has properly served CTS with the Civil Investigative Demand and seeks the medical and financial records of certain patients.  The government asserts that it needs these records to determine whether there is any evidence of the submission of false claims or other violations of federal laws or regulations by CTS in connection with billing for the treatment of these patients.

As per the court documents, CTS does not dispute the legal standard or the fact that the legal standard is fairly easy to establish by the government.  Rather, CTS argues that it has provided about half of what the government has requested and that should be good enough.  Alternatively, CTS requests additional time to respond to the government’s demand.

The government points out that CTS had about five months to fully comply before the government elected to file the instant petition.  CTS’ lack of compliance is the very reason that the government filed the petition.

The court agrees with the government and CTS has twenty (20) days, from January 31, 2013, to comply with the Civil Investigative Demand and produce the remaining medical and financial information of the patients identified by the investigative agency.

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