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Community Celebrates Annual Holi – Check out the Pictures…

With declining participation from the Indian community, the Holi picnic arranged by the Friends of India still able to attract close to 150 community members under the clear afternoon Las Vegas sky to celebrate the playful festival of HOLI.   Holi brings in the best of Indian communities together – with no issues of caste, color, and religion with people of all classes and ages, to celebrate spring with a splash of colors.  2017 Holi Pictures….

Sumptuous Lunch was catered by the Curry Leaf Indian restaurant with delicious arrays of vegetarian curries, nan, rice pulao along with masala idlis, Punjabi pakoras and flavorful condiments.

The feast of spectacular multi colors of Holi was flying and smeared all over the attendees with kids especially chasing each other to enjoy once a year Holi festivities.

The occasion marked another transfer of leadership of Friends of India with an election for the new executive committee.  The community thanked the outgoing President Supriya Mirchandani and her team for their commitment to the oldest Indian community organization in Las Vegas.  The new team is spearheaded by John George, President, Mahendra Mehta, President-Elect, Sanjay Palherkar, Nirav Goyal, Preetha Sanwal, Nitin Modi, Tony Saroya, Ripa Shroff, and Aruni Tawney.  The new committee members were elected unopposed for a 2-year term.  The incoming President John George has formed two subcommittees – Cultural and Public Relations committees to work with the community at large.  The new team is culturally diverse with background and cultural roots from various regions of India.

 2017 HOLI PICNIC PICTURES…  Check out the prior year HOLI Pictures…2015 2014 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005

Another Holi event is planned on Saturday, April 15th at the Sunset Park from 11 am to 3 pm with live concerts, colors and vegetarian food.  The theme for the event is to Celebrate the Self Within by Colors, Yoga, Dance, Kirtan, Free Hugs and of course, Food.

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