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Complaint Filed against Madhavi Pandya in a Conspiracy to Distribute Controlled Substance – Marijuana

After a couple of months surveillance by the Drug Enforcement Administration agent, a complaint has been filed that Madhavi Pandya did knowingly and intentionally combine and conspire with individuals known and unknown to distribute marijuana in Las Vegas.

Several office workers and delivery drivers were detained during the search of a local establishment named SuperBudz.  Most of the SuperBudz’s employees used fake names at work and that none of their co-workers knew their legal names. 

Madhavei Pandya was one of the employees detained at SuperBudz.  Pandya was an office manager and a salaried employee of SuperBudz.  Pandya used the alias name “Cheyenne” during here employment with SuperBudz.  As part of her managerial responsibilities, Pandya aka “Cheyenne” set up delivery routes for the marijuana delivery drivers, handled the money from customers, paid the drivers and marijuana suppliers and ran the office.

On April 29th, 2015, during the surveillance at a local condo complex detectives observed Pandya’s vehicle, a new model grey Lexus, with personal Nevada registration license plate UNLDYLK parked in the vicinity of condo.  The Lexus is registered to Pandya at a residential home of Mr. Mahendra and Geeta Pandya, 3653 Pinnate Drive, Las Vegas, NV.  On same day, detective observed Pandya depart and return to the condo complex twice.  Detective could not follow Pandya as she engaged in what appear to be counter-surveillance driving techniques.   Pandya drove at high rates of speed and made random, unnecessary U-turns.

Based on the searches the Drug Enforcement detective believes that Madhavi Pandya violated laws of the United States – Distribution of Controlled Substance (Marijuana). 

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