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Congratulations Graduates! congratulates the talented graduating Class of 2020, for their hard work, perseverance, dedication towards their education, and commitment to their family & community. At the same time, congratulations to the graduating class parents for their relentless and unyielding commitment towards their own future endeavors and spectacular achievements.  

This publication with support from UNLV Professor Jagdish Mehta, Ph.D. is honoring all the graduates with an evening of a dinner banquet.  Professor Mehta and Dr. Devyani Mehta would like to invite all the graduates with their parents to a catered dinner to recognize all the graduating high school seniors at their palatial home.  The evening event will be held sometime between July 15-31, subject to the upliftment of COVID-19 restrictions. The program will be postponed or maybe even canceled if the social distancing restrictions are not lifted by then. 

These young men and women are indisputably newsworthy in our small but growing, highly accomplished Las Vegas Indian-American community. Going over the achievements, the graduating class of 2020 has achieved top honors academically and competitively.

Recent statistics reflect the CCSD’s graduation rate of about 83%. The Indian-American community should be proud and recognize its young graduates as they hold a 100% graduation rate from the local public schools.

Please email the following information on your graduating child to  for a succinct write-up and an invitation to the program honoring the graduates and their parents.

  • Name
  • Graduating School
  • Admitted to (multiple universities)
  • University attending
  • Achievements/Activities
  • Scholarships

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