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Supriya Mirchandani to Open a Retail Shop at the Airport

Supriya Mirchandani is all set to serve the tourists and travelling locals alike by opening a specialty store at the McCarran Airport.

Clark County Commissioners have approved Supriya Mirchandani’s Glow on the Go, a minority business enterprise, to operate a specialty retail store at Gate D at the McCarran Airport.

Glow on the Go, a specialty shop, will sell Men’s and Women’s bath, body, and hair based products at the airport.  The agreement with the airport requires the standards of operation, as pertaining to the quality of service, quality of merchandise, and levels of inventory offered for sale will be at least equal to the quality of items for sale offered at similar operations of a high-commercial standard.

Glow on the Go will pay a minimum annual guarantee or 15 percent of the gross revenues, whichever is greater.  The term of the agreement is for 7 years from the occupancy date.

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