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Diverse South Asian Community Owned Businesses Receive Nevada State Pandemic Emergency Technical Support Program (PETS) Funding. Highest Amount, $60,000, went to Mirchandani Family Controlled Businesses

During the last NV State legislature session, the Assembly Bill (AB) 106 appropriated $50 million to provide grants for operational support to small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and other similar entities impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Combined with federal Coronavirus Relief Funds, the $50 million appropriations brought total funding available for the Pandemic Emergency Technical Support (PETS) program to $102,167,439. 

In partnership with the NV State Treasurer’s Office, the Office of Economic Development awarded PETS grants of up to $10,000 for businesses and nonprofits and up to $20,000 for arts and cultural organizations.  

Detail analysis of the recipients reflects a wide array of business entities including some multi-millionaire members of the Indian sub-continent community specifically physicians, law firms, and motel owners classified as a disadvantaged business enterprise.  Ashok and Supriya Mirchandani controlled companies are the major beneficiary receiving a total of $60,000.  Among non-profits, the Indian Chamber of Commerce, run by Rita Vaswani received $20,000, while Rita Thukral’s Global Charity Foundation received $10,000 from the just concluded PETS program.

The program opened on October 19, 2020, and closed on October 22, 2020.  During the four days window, the program received over 13,500 applications for a total request for over $148 Million against the $102 Million available funding.

RecipientOwner/Principal NameAmountPriority Group Category
Advanced Adolescent Pediatric GastroenterologyAjaz Sheikh             10,000 Other Businesses ($10,000)
Amandeep S. Sidhu, DDS., Professional Corp.Amandeep Sidhu             10,000 1st – Disadvantaged Business Enterprises ($10,000)
Amit DadlaneyAmit Dadlaney             10,000 1st – Disadvantaged Business Enterprises ($10,000)
Anurag Singh, LLCAnurag Singh             10,000 1st – Disadvantaged Business Enterprises ($10,000)
Arianna Eyebrow Threading LtdSushil Neopaney             10,000 Other Businesses ($10,000)
Aseem, Chawla DMD LLCAseem Chawla             10,000 Other Businesses ($10,000)
Ashok Mirchandani LLCAshok Mirchandani              10,000 1st – Disadvantaged Business Enterprises ($10,000)
Ashok Mirchandani LLC DBA Fusion GrilleAshok Mirchandani              10,000 2nd – Bars, pubs, taverns, breweries, and wineries 
Aurangzeb Nagy, M.D., Ltd.Aury Nagy             10,000 Other Businesses ($10,000)
Bansal’S Investment Group Inc.Ankit Bansal             10,000 Other Businesses ($10,000)
Chaudhery Medical Group, PLLCIsmat Chaudhery             10,000 1st – Disadvantaged Business Enterprises ($10,000)
David Bakshi, Inc.David Bakshi             10,000 Other Businesses ($10,000)
Dipti KunwarDipti Kunwar             10,000 1st – Disadvantaged Business Enterprises ($10,000)
Dr.Ajay Nellutla, INCAjay Nellutla             10,000 1st – Disadvantaged Business Enterprises ($10,000)
Firhaad Ismail, M.D., A Professional CorporationFirhaad Ismail             10,000 1st – Disadvantaged Business Enterprises ($10,000)
Garg Golden, LLPPuneet Garg             10,000 1st – Disadvantaged Business Enterprises ($10,000)
Global Charity FoundationReeta Thukral             10,000 5th – Non-profits ($10,000)
Gopwani LLCHan Gopwani             10,000 1st – Disadvantaged Business Enterprises ($10,000)
Gupta Law Firm, LLCArun Gupta             10,000 Other Businesses ($10,000)
Gurpreet Khairah, DDS, PLLCGurpreet Khairah             10,000 Other Businesses ($10,000)
Gurukrupa LLC DBA Crown MotelGita Patel             10,000 1st – Disadvantaged Business Enterprises ($10,000)
Jigneshbhai Patel DBA Sun Smoke ShopJignesh Bhai Patel             10,000 1st – Disadvantaged Business Enterprises ($10,000)
KS Singh Enterprises, Inc.Karan Singh             10,000 1st – Disadvantaged Business Enterprises ($10,000)
KS Singh, Inc.Karan Singh             10,000 1st – Disadvantaged Business Enterprises ($10,000)
Las Vegas-India Chamber of CommerceRita Vaswani, President             20,000 4th – Chamber of Commerce (10,000/20,000)
Madras Durango LLCRao Gondy             10,000 1st – Disadvantaged Business Enterprises ($10,000)
Malhotra Group L.L.C.Krista Malhotra             10,000 1st – Disadvantaged Business Enterprises ($10,000)
Megha Group LLCJay & Purvi Megha             10,000 2nd – Bars, pubs, taverns, breweries, and wineries 
Mirza Naseem Baig DBA Charleston Auto SalesNaseem Baig             10,000 1st – Disadvantaged Business Enterprises ($10,000)
Nirvana Counseling (Kanoza), PLLCKavita Kanoza             10,000 1st – Disadvantaged Business Enterprises ($10,000)
PATEL EDUCATIONAL SERVICES INC.Shaan Patel             10,000 Other Businesses ($10,000)
Patel’s Threading & Henna Art, Inc.Bhavnaben Patel             10,000 1st – Disadvantaged Business Enterprises ($10,000)
Pradeep Manjeshwar, LLC.Pradeep Manjeshwar             10,000 Other Businesses ($10,000)
Priti Narula, MD PCPriti Narula             10,000 1st – Disadvantaged Business Enterprises ($10,000)
Pushpa LLC DBA Angara India Spice GrillSukhdev Bhagat             10,000 2nd – Bars, pubs, taverns, breweries, and wineries 
Rachna Gupta, D.O., P.C. dba Desert Eye CareRachna Gupta             10,000 1st – Disadvantaged Business Enterprises ($10,000)
Rai LLCBal Rai             10,000 1st – Disadvantaged Business Enterprises ($10,000)
Raj P. Singh, MD, PLLCRaj Singh             10,000 1st – Disadvantaged Business Enterprises ($10,000)
RS Sahai, Inc.Bharat Tikeya             10,000 Other Businesses ($10,000)
Sanj L.L.C.Supriya Mirchandani/Daulat LLC             10,000 1st – Disadvantaged Business Enterprises ($10,000)
Sarika Patel DMD PLLCSarika Patel             10,000 1st – Disadvantaged Business Enterprises ($10,000)
Satguru Sahai, Inc.Bharat Tikeya             10,000 Other Businesses ($10,000)
Shaan CorpRitesh Patel             10,000 1st – Disadvantaged Business Enterprises ($10,000)
Shamalie Lalitha WijekularatneShamalie Wijekularatne             10,000 1st – Disadvantaged Business Enterprises ($10,000)
Shiv Shakti LLCAshok Mirchandani/Balaji Trust             10,000 1st – Disadvantaged Business Enterprises ($10,000)
Siya LLC (Smoke Chief)Rupa and Nikhil Patel             10,000 Other Businesses ($10,000)
Sky Ranch Motel, IncBharat Patel             10,000 Other Businesses ($10,000)
Sonani MD PLLCRajesh Sonani             10,000 1st – Disadvantaged Business Enterprises ($10,000)
Sri Caitanya Nitai Inc DBA Community Care PharmacyBharat Patel             10,000 Other Businesses ($10,000)
Strategic Wealth Design, LLCMahesh Odhrani             10,000 Other Businesses ($10,000)
Supriya A Mirchandani LLC DBA A1 FingerprintingSupriya Mirchandani             10,000 1st – Disadvantaged Business Enterprises ($10,000)
Surbhi Surana DBA Browz On FleekSurbhi Surana             10,000 1st – Disadvantaged Business Enterprises ($10,000)
Suresh Shrestha DBA Sama Eyebrows ThreadingSuresh Shrestha             10,000 Other Businesses ($10,000)
The Sapience LLCVishal & Puja Chamaria             10,000 1st – Disadvantaged Business Enterprises ($10,000)
Uday Saraiya, M.D., LTD.Uday Saraiya             10,000 Other Businesses ($10,000)
Umer Z Malik LLCUmer Malik             10,000 1st – Disadvantaged Business Enterprises ($10,000)
Vidya LLCSarita Singh             10,000 1st – Disadvantaged Business Enterprises ($10,000)
WM L.L.C. DBA High Sierra InsulationSupriya Mirchandani             10,000 1st – Disadvantaged Business Enterprises ($10,000)
Zenith Realty Group, LLCSenje Sadera             10,000 1st – Disadvantaged Business Enterprises ($10,000)

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3 Comments to Diverse South Asian Community Owned Businesses Receive Nevada State Pandemic Emergency Technical Support Program (PETS) Funding. Highest Amount, $60,000, went to Mirchandani Family Controlled Businesses

  1. jagjeet says:

    How these milliones get this money called pet program

  2. Desi Ameri says:

    Obviously, the overwhelming majority of these people and companies/organizations are not disadvantaged in any real sense, nor are they going broke because of the pandemic. They are just greedy, dishonest scammers, who have no ethics. Mirchandani may be the worst, but not by much. Unfortunately, they are no exceptions in South Asian communities, they represent just the rule. It’s shameful.

  3. Jagjey says:

    Some of them should be shameful as they are robbing the needy people

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