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Dr. Aruni Tawney Signs $208,000 Annual Psychiatric Services Agreement with UMC

The Board of Hospital Trustees/County Commissioners approved a psychiatric services agreement with Dr. Aruni Tawney.


The $208,000 annual agreement entails outpatient psychiatric services to Ryan White participants.  The funding comes from Ryan White Grant for caring for HIV patients in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Area who seek services through UMC’s Wellness Center.  Agreement is for a two year term beginning September 1st, 2013.  UMC will reimburse Dr. Aruni for actual hours worked/or services satisfactorily performed at a rate of $125/hour; not to exceed 40 hours per week with a limit of $208,000 per year. 

Dr. Aruni will be an independent contractor and not the employee of the UMC.  Dr. Aruni’s responsibility at the UMC include – providing clinical & diagnosis progress notes; and update patient’s medication lists; submit monthly data reports along with other clerical support.

Dr. Aruni Tawney’s husband Dr. Suresh Tawney is an employee of the University Medical Center.

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