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Dr. Bararia Files Motion for Release Pending Execution of Sentence

Immediately after Judge sentenced Dr. Bararia to 44-months sentence, followed by three years of supervised release, Dr. Bararia’s legal team filed a motion for supervisory release pending the execution of his sentence of 44-months of incarceration.

Dr. Bararia has been in detention since October 2012, due to his failure to abide fully with one particular condition of release: not prescribing controlled substances subsequent to his arrest. Dr. Bararia, through his attorneys’ is requesting his release and allow him to self-surrender at a designated federal penitentiary.  Dr. Bararia believes he can show that exceptional circumstances exist as to why his incarceration before his transfer to a penitentiary is not appropriate.

In a filed motion, Dr. Bararia’s attorney are pointing out to Dr. Bararia’s mental health issues, his relationship with his loving and supportive family, the poor health of his elderly parents, and his absolute lack of any criminal history cry out for him to have the opportunity to spend time with his young children and his mother.  Also noted is that Dr. Bararia has never been found to be a flight risk, and in light of the totality of these circumstances, a brief release is appropriate.

Based on the foregoing, Dr. Bararia is respectfully requesting that he be released immediately under any condition of supervised release that the Court deems appropriate, including GPS monitoring, and that he be allowed to report voluntarily at the designated facility at a date set by the court.

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