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Dr. Kush Modi, ICU Physician Discusses Daily Efforts To Help Critical COVID-19 Patients

Well before the COVID-19 outbreak, you’d find Dr. Kush Modi taking care of critically ill patients with a variety of lung diseases in the University Medical Center (UMC) intensive care units. His experience as a resident in internal medicine, coupled with a long-standing wonder at the complexity and perfection of the respiratory system, spurred him to specialize in pulmonary and critical care medicine. Today, of course, he is doing all he can at UMC to save the lives of people stricken with the novel coronavirus. His first COVID-19 patient did require ventilator support to sustain her breathing, but she is now slowly recovering and he is hopeful she will make a full recovery. After a 14-hour day recently, Dr. Modi agreed to an interview.

Describe the symptoms of COVID-19 patients, how caring for them is different from caring for other patients with lung problems, how long they’re hospitalized.  Most common symptoms for patients with COVID-19 infection are fever, fatigue and dry cough. Most individuals who contract COVID-19 are not ill enough to require hospitalization. However, a small proportion of patients are developing pneumonia with shortness of breath which, if progressive, leads to low oxygen levels in the blood and this potentially requires a patient to be placed on ventilator support. 

Dr. Kush Modi in his personal protective equipment. He is confident that with proper usage, it is sufficient to protect him from becoming infected with COVID-19.

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