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Dr. Muhammad Tufail Settles with NV Board of Medical Examiners

In August 2022, the Investigative Committee of the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners filed a formal Complaint against Muhammad N. Tufail, M.D., alleging three (3) violations of Nevada Revised Statutes. Count I and II alleged malpractice and a violation of the standard of practice, while count alleged a violation of a failure to maintain complete medical records by Dr. Tufail.

As per the investigation, a patient was admitted to a local hospital with an initial complaint of chronic back and lower extremity pain. Her MRI revealed spinal stenosis for which she underwent surgical intervention. After a couple of months came under the care of Dr. Tufail in a post-operative status. It was alleged that Dr. Tufail did not document the patient’s pre-operative hemoglobin level or investigate the hemoglobin deficit, which worsened when the patient was admitted to the ICU. Further, Dr. Tufail failed to order an MRI for the patient’s lumbar spine and did not document any treatment plan to manage the identified neurological symptoms. Per the report, specific documentation and examination of the patient contained highly gross inaccuracies relevant to the patient’s primary underlying diagnosis. Additionally, Dr. Tufail failed to timely seek consultation regarding the patient’s medical condition and failed to maintain proper medical records relating to the patient’s diagnosis, treatment, and care.

On March 3, 2023, the NV State Board of Medical Examiners accepted and approved a settlement agreement which allowed for an order finding that Dr. Tufail violated regulations relating to malpractice and failed to maintain complete medical records. As per the settlement agreement, Dr. Tufail shall receive a public reprimand, pay a fine totaling $2,250, complete ten hours of continuing medical education (CME) and reimburse the Board’s fees and costs, totaling $3,868 incurred in the investigation and prosecution of the case. The Board dismissed the violation of the standard of practice.

Dr. Mohammad Tufail graduated from Dow Medical College, Lahore, Pakistan, and completed his medical residency at Mt. Vernon Hospital, Mt. Vernon, New York. Additionally, Dr. Tufail completed his fellowship in Nephrology from SUNY-VA Medical Center, Buffalo, New York.

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