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Dr. Prem Reddy’s North Vista Hospital Faces Mental Health Care Issues

Review-Journal reports an inhumane treatment of mental health patients at the North Vista Hospital.  Dr. Prem Reddy, a trustee of the Las Vegas Hindu Temple and Jain Center, owns a  national health care company Prime Health Care Services which owns North Vista Hospital in North Las Vegas.

As reported, the allegations against North Vista raise questions about the lace of mental health services in Nevada.  Jacob Delgado says he was tackled, put into a headlock and sedated for no reason. David McCovy says he got slammed to the ground and punched in the eye. And Robby Risher died after intentionally driving his car into a pole.

The three men have one thing in common: They suffered severe mental illness and went to North Vista Hospital for help. The hospital, which also released a suicidal woman last month to an unregulated group home where she died a day later, is known for taking the poorest and sickest patients in Southern Nevada.

Recent allegations include three men who suffered severe mental illness and went to North Vista Hospital for help.

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Previously reported another lawsuit alleging that Prime’s corporate officers, at Reddy’s direction, exerted immense pressure on doctors in the Emergency Departments to admit patients who could have been placed in observation, treated as outpatients or discharged.  As a result of these medically unnecessary admissions from the Emergency Departments, Prime hospitals allegedly submitted false claims to federal health care programs, such as Medicare.

Last year, a federal judge denied a motion by Prime Healthcare Services to dismiss a whistle-blower lawsuit alleging the hospital chain fraudulently billed Medicare.   U.S. Magistrate Judge Patrick Walsh ordered that the lawsuit, which the U.S. Justice Department joined in May, contains “sufficient facts” to sue Prime under the False Claims Act.

The suit claims that in order to drive up revenue, Prime founder and CEO Dr. Prem Reddy and 14 Prime hospitals in California pushed doctors to admit Medicare beneficiaries as inpatients when they should have been outpatients placed on “observation” status. The government estimates that more than 35,000 patients were improperly admitted to Prime hospitals.

In the past, Dr. Reddy’s Prime Health Care Services has been sued multiple times by the employees, and numerous public and private organizations, for back wages, sexual harassment, and Medicare fraud.

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One Comment to Dr. Prem Reddy’s North Vista Hospital Faces Mental Health Care Issues

  1. Desi Ameri says:

    Another Las Vegas physician, another Hindu Temple Trustee, engaged in unethical and illegal activities. Do all these crooks donate money to the temple to wash off their bad karma? Does God accept bribes? Of course, the temple punditji and shastriji, et al would make you believe if the bribes is given thru them all your sins would be washed off. HA, HA HA!

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