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Dr. Raj Chandraraj Seeks multi-million dollars IT contract from UMC

After obtaining a multi-year $34 million cardiology services contract from the University Medical Center in 2008, Dr. Raj Chanderraj is pursuing a contract for the $60 million Integrated Healthcare Information System for the UMC.


Sitting as the UMC Trustees, the agenda was presented by the UMC Administrator Ms. Silver regarding a report on UMC’s new Integrated Healthcare Information System. Agenda item specifically asked for the direction to the staff by the board.

UMC’s Assistant. Chief Information Director Ernie Mckinley presented the report on the process and findings in acquiring the new healthcare information system for the UMC. In March 2009 UMC put an RFI for the new information system. The current system is 22 years old and has some 80+ interfaces and is not suitable for the UMC’s current requirement. Due to the new regulatory requirements UMC must have a new system by 2013. In response to RFI, six companies responded.

Based on the quality of the competing products and the UMC requirements, the UMC committee recommended to award the contract to McKesson for their Integrated Healthcare System.

After the presentation, the commissioners asked for a public comment. Commissioner Reid recognized Dr. Raj Chanderraj,, the only member of the public who commented on the presentation. As per the protocol, Dr. ChandeAfter the presentation, the commissioners asked for a public comment. Commissioner Reid recognized Dr. Raj Chanderrajrraj introduced himself as alumni of UMC who did his fellowship and training at UMC and informed the board on his involvement in the community.

After waiting for over five hours, Dr. Raj Chanderraj, the sole owner of SB Clinical and EMR Development Co., got an opportunity to address the county commission with his plan of developing an integrated healthcare information system for the UMC.

In his prepared statement, Dr. Raj talked about the developing software for physician practices that will be much user friendly than the current one in the market. He assured the commission that he very well understands the importance of having an electronic healthcare information system for UMC. In his address, Dr. Raj was critical of using generic module for interface data transfers. Dr. Raj emphasized that he can develop a customized product for UMC in one year, which will be fully owned by the county and without incurring any annual fee. He further stated that he is confident that he can develop the software product for half the cost currently being considered by UMC. He also informed the board that his company has a product ready now and can be deployed immediately at UMC.

Commissioner Reid requested that UMC staff continue discussions with Dr. Chanderraj and report back to the Board as to whether the product described addresses the pertinent issues.

Commissioner Rory Reid did not disclose his political donations from Dr. Chanderraj and family. Dr. Raj and family has donated over $19,000 to Commissioner Rory Reid political campaigns, the latest being a $10,000 donation in May 2010 for Rory’s campaign for Governor.

Check out Dr. Raj’s proposal to the UMC –

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