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Efficacious 2013 for the Global Charity Foundation

Dr. Reeta Thukral, President of the Global Charity Foundation (GCF) of Las Vegas reports another successful year for GCF in providing assistance to less fortunate.  


The GCF and its volunteer Board members are committed to providing local and international assistance to, those who lack access to education and basic health care.  Board is thankful to the donor’s generosity and continuous commitment to GCF’s mission.  During 2013, GCF funded the following programs:

Local Programs (Las Vegas): 


Continuing the health care assistance program for battered women and children, who reside in domestic violence shelter in collaboration with local Las Vegas domestic violence shelter. 


Update on the lady, victim of domestic violence, for whom GCF bought a car in 2010, has had over three years of worry free transportation to the work back and forth, Thanks to all the GCF supporters. 

Tutoring Initiative Program: This is a new program designed to raise student comprehension in English, Science and Math. These students are receiving 4 hours of tutoring per week after school hours, to get them ready for high school. This program is implemented in collaboration with 100 Black Men of Las Vegas. 


International programs: 


Providing educational scholarships – to over 100 students at the refugee camps in Jammu City, Kashmir, India; at the Diya Foundation in New Delhi, India; and to children in Accra, Ghana.


Continue to provide cancer chemotherapy for children with cancer in New Delhi, India who were otherwise sent home to die. Without GCF’s support to provide treatment, the children suffering from life threatening cancer would otherwise be turned away and sent home to die without proper care. With your help this year GCF was able to increase the number of children who received life-saving treatment. This program is done in collaboration with CPAA (Cancer patient aid association), New Delhi, India


Continue to provide preventive health care check-up to over several hundred villagers thru the diagnostic and health care center established in 2011, in collaboration with Diya Foundation, New Delhi India


The GCF Board believes 2013 was a successful, impactful and important year in its mission to provide assistance and grow its reach to those in need. 


GCF, a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt organization, seeks to raise $150,000 this year to support and grow its programs. Only 5-7% of donated funds go towards administrative costs for web-site upkeep and annual printing of updated brochures. The GCF Board determines, on a percentage basis, how much each program receives. Donors may also direct which program(s) they would like to receive your donation.


For further information on Global Charity Foundation, please visit or contact Dr. Reeta Kaul Thukral, President of GCF


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