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Employment Discrimination Lawsuit Filed Against The D Casino Hotel

Former slot floorperson, Pankaj Pandhi files an employment discrimination lawsuit against his former employer, The D Casino Hotel

In a lawsuit, Pandhi claims that he was treated disparately, subjected to hostile work environment, and subsequently terminated due to his national origin and religion.  Earlier, Pandhi filed his Charges of Discrimination with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity.  Mr. Pandhi  received a copy of his “Right to Sue” notice from EEOC.  Pandhi began his employment with The D on or around June 7, 2007 as a slot floorperson. 

Pandhi in his complaint alleges that during his employment, he experienced and endured pervasive discrimination while on duty at The D.  Despite his dedication to the company, The D subjected Pandhi to different terms and conditions of employment than those similarly situated.  Furthermore, Pandhi alleges that employees and supervisors harassed and insulted and subjected him to disparate treatment yet despite complaints to the supervisors, The D allowed the disparate treatment to continue.

More specifically, Pandhi endured maltreatment including but not limited to: working alone; absorbing other employees duties; being forced to work “no tip” shifts.; mocking of his accent over the radio chatter; and mocking about his food.

Pandhi alleges that upon information and belief, the supervisors and staff made insulting and degrading comments regarding his national origin and religion.  After Pandhi reported this unscrupulous activity to his supervisor, while threatening to report the activity to Human Resources the work environment increased in hostility as the supervisor failed to take any corrective action regarding the problems reported by Pandhi which ultimately led to his termination.

As per Pandhi, the defendant The D failed to take reasonably adequate steps to prevent discrimination based on national origin in its workplace in Nevada.  Additionally, The D failed to take reasonably adequate steps to prevent discrimination based on religion in its workplace in Nevada.

As per the court filing, due to The D, Pandhi endured and sustained actual damages including loss of income, nervousness, stress and anxiety in an amount subject to proof at trial.  As a direct and proximate result of Defendant The D’s discriminatory acts, Pandhi has suffered and shall continue to suffer monetary damages for the loss of income, false accusations, mental anguish and violation of his rights unless and until the Court grants relief.

Pandhi, through his attorney, is requesting –  a trial by jury on appropriate issues including all employment-related losses subject to proof; compensatory damages in a sum or value in excess of $50,000.00, exclusive of interest and costs; punitive damages against Defendant The D; prejudgment interest; along with reasonable attorney’s fees and all costs related to the lawsuit.

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