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Eric Kohli Sues Ajay Dayal of Quantified Investment Group for Non-Payment of Wages

Eric Kohli, the former General Counsel for the Quantified Investment Group is suing the owner Ajay Dayal for Non-Payment of Wages, Breach of Duty, Unjust Enrichment, Breach of Contract, Fraud and Retaliation & Wrongful Termination. 

Eric Kohli is licensed to practice with the US Patent and Trademark Office, Supreme Court in Missouri and Illinois.  Although not licensed to practice in Nevada, Eric informed Dayal he could work as in-house as an employee of the company, Quantified Investments and it’s affiliated companies.  

Ajay Dayal, President, Quantified Investment Group

Few days after the initial meeting, Dayal hired Eric effective Monday, June 10, 2019.  Eric was hired for a full-time position of In-House Counsel.  Eric’s title was later changed to General Counsel.  It is alleged that as per the employment agreement, Dayal agreed to pay Eric ten percent (10%) of the total revenue receipts related to the cases Eric works on.

As General Counsel, Eric worked on routine legal matters related to Quantified.  As per the lawsuit, Eric reviewed and revised numerous legal documents, responded to many discovery matters, developed new contracts, agreements and documents, and advising Dayal on ongoing pre-litigation matters. 

As per the filings, Eric was an employee of Quantified, reporting to Dayal at all times.  It is alleged Defendant Dayal never paid Eric during the employment period for the services provided to Quantified.  On or about July 17, 2019, Eric was told by Dayal of change in compensation structure with new annual compensation of $500,000 for the services rendered, which was supposed to be less than the previously agreed amount.  Despite the change in the new compensation setup, it is alleged Dayal never paid Eric for the services rendered.

Eric demanded a paycheck from Dayal and on or about July 23, 2019, Dayal offered $2,100 to Eric as compensation for the employment period of 1.5 months.  Eric refused to accept the amount offered by Dayal.  At the same time, Eric informed Dayal of his refusal to perform any further work related to Quantified Investments. 

Eric Kohli (middle) with Dr. Saran and District Attorney Steven Wolfson at the Business Mixer of Las Vegas South Asian Bar Association

Eric is demanding $62,500 in past-due wages.  At that time Dayal terminated Eric’s employment with Quantified.   It is alleged Dayal had routinely engaged in the practice of hiring or employ individuals with the intention of not paying them the agreed compensation or at-least cheating them out of a significant portion of their lawfully earned wages. 

Previously, Gopal Patel of India Market sued Ajay Dayal & Quantified Investment for a real-estate related business dispute.

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