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Eshaan Vakil Elected Delegate to the Democratic National Convention

Eshaan Vakil is making history in the local political circles by getting elected as the youngest delegate to represent Nevada at the Democratic National Convention, to be held in Milwaukee, WI from August 17th – 20th.  

The selected delegates from across the country will formally nominate Vice-President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris to represent Democratic Party for the President and the Vice-President of the United States, respectively.

Eshaan Vakil

For the past couple of years, Harvard bound Vakil, has been active in grassroots politics and activism.  During his high school years at Clark High, Vakil founded a non-profit dedicated to creating educational opportunities for students in the Las Vegas area, conducted public policy research at UNLV, and served on the District Youth Advisory Council for the Nevada Youth Legislature.

More recently, Vakil has become an advocate for a new contact tracing plan which would allow youth and other volunteers to help aid the COVID-19 response. He’s communicated with the Governor’s office and with members of the State Legislature, and the Las Vegas Sun published his op-ed about this initiative.

The NV State Democratic Party requested two statements from all the party activists to justify their selection for the national convention.  Below are Eshaan Vakil’s two positions statements to the NV Democrats for getting selected as a delegate to the 2020 Democratic Convention.

Dear Nevada Democratic delegates, we all here are united by our commitment to justice, equality, and unity for every American, no matter who they are. We want a better life for all, without regard to race, sexual orientation, gender identity, income, immigration status, or age. As a recent high school graduate (Class of 2020!) and a person of color, I keenly understand the struggles today’s Americans face. They are greater than the challenges of most previous generations. From climate change to economic justice to the enduring racism demonstrated by the recent tragic loss of George Floyd, we have powerful issues to tackle. And yet, today’s Americans are resilient. I have faith that we can overcome. We have the power to make a better world. I would be honored to join this movement, and to represent Nevada’s youth, Nevada’s people of color, and, ultimately, all of Nevada’s people in Milwaukee!
Dear Nevada Democratic delegates, as time grows closer to the day of our vote, the world is changing. As seen in Minneapolis’ pending abolition of the police department, all our dreams previously thought impossible are now within our grasp. The year of 2020 will be remembered as a pivotal one. It’s more important than ever that we ensure our views are represented both in Milwaukee and nationwide. As a young Nevadan, I would love to carry your views to the rest of the nation!

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