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Eyebrows R Us Owner Prymus Vaz Faces Deportation

Twelve years ago, Prymus opened his first eyebrow threading salon in Las Vegas. He now has 19 salons with 45 employees.

In 1999, Vaz came to America and applied for asylum. But he says he was denied because of improper filings and paperwork and just not knowing procedures.Vaz, originally from India, said he was persecuted for his Christian faith. He says many of his family and friends were beaten, some even killed.

In the past, many of Vaz’s Indian employees have complained about his unscrupulous business practices and challenging work environment.  Click here for the complete story…

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4 Comments to Eyebrows R Us Owner Prymus Vaz Faces Deportation

  1. Bill says:

    Where is the link for the article?

  2. Fair and Balanced says:

    Seems like Prymus Vaz is using the discrimination excuse to get a green card;a fraud. There is no governmental discrimination against any minority in India. In fact India is so socially and functionally divided there is no majority.There maybe social biases but that doesn’t qualify for asylum.Trump should deport this guy immediately.

  3. mikee vasa says:

    Primus exploited many Nepali and Indian employees. He never paid in full to any of the employee. He was running the business without caring OSHA,HR , GOVT rules. He hired many illegal workers to pay half the minimum wage; not honor tip , abusing them . Karma take its own course. God/nature always give it back.

  4. Alex Almedia says:

    This guy is originally from vasai (A small town outside Mumbai, India)
    He is bad news.
    He had an affair with a girl half his age even though he was married. He divorced his wife and married this girl and they came to US (not sure how)
    He is not married to a American citizen as said in the 3 News link.
    Or perhaps he may lied about it or divorce his 2nd wife and married another.
    His relatives are all well in India and are NOT persecuted.
    This guys is clearly a FRAUD.

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