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Family Sues Pain Management Physician Dr. Sanghamitra Basu and Other Health Care Providers Over Guardianship Case

Lawsuit has been filed against Pain Management Physician Dr. Sanghamitra Basu for Breach of fiduciary duties; fraud/intentional misrepresentation; civil conspiracy/defraud; abuse of process along with other charges including professional malpractice.The complaint has been filed by plaintiffs Rudy and Rennie North, husband and wife, against Dr. Sanghamitra Basu and John Reyes, a Physician’s Assistant employed by Dr. Basu.

Approximately 21 years back, Rudy and Rennie North moved to Vegas to retire.  Before they retired, Norths travelled the world collective fine art, jewelry and other valuable mementoes from numerous countries.  Norths’ daughter Julie wrote in a blog – A pain management doctor that my parents had been seeing for a number of years, Dr. Sanghamitra Basu, decided  to pay an unannounced visit, with her husband, to my parents’ home. She did not contact me or my parents in advance; she just showed up at their home. When they walked into the house, Dr. Basu started talking about how wonderful they looked and how she hoped that when she and her husband are older they hope to be just like them. She also expressed an unusual interest in my parents’ art collection. Apparently she found out what they had during many conversations with my father over the years and had asked him if she could “borrow” one of his paintings. Dad always thought she was joking. During this visit, she asked my father five different times if she could “borrow” a particular painting. She stated that she wanted him to “loan” it to her; that she wanted to hang it up somewhere but she had not decided exactly where it would go. My mother was becoming very angry with her and finally just said absolutely not and ended both the conversation and the visit.

It is alleged that since 2013, the couple have been victimized by the legal guardianship system and health care professionals including Dr. Sanghamitra Basu, who easily manipulated and abused the system in order to exploit Norths for their own profit.  In 2013, defendants, including Dr. Basu, made Rudy and Rennie North “adult wards’ of the State of Nevada.  They were then stripped of their civil rights, their independence and freedom and bilked of virtually all of their worldly possessions including their car, household furnishings, fine artwork, jewelry, fine china, silver and other collectibles.  Their financial savings were wiped off.

Dr. Basu’s Involvement – One fine day, the Norths were informed that their pain Physician Dr. Sanghamitra Basu had concluded that they lacked the capacity to care for themselves.  The Norths had been a patient of Dr. Basu for pain related to various ailments.  The Norths trusted Dr. Basu with the treatment and management of their pain.

At one point, it is alleged, Dr. Basu obtained in-home hospice care for Rennie North even though Rennie had not been and was not terminally ill.  Defendant Basu was not the Norths’ general/family doctor and she was most certainly not a mental health professional.  The Norths have never been evaluated, diagnosed or treated by Dr. Basu or Dr. Basu’s PA-C Reyes for anything other than their pain management.  Moreover, Mr. Reyes never evaluated or treated Norths’ for any medical related issues.  They had no idea who he was.

It is alleged that Dr. Basu provided a physician’s certificate and letter falsely claiming Rudy was incapable of caring for himself.  Rudy North was never being diagnosed with dementia.  It is alleged that Dr. Basu along with her Physician Assistant Reyes created fraudulent medical documentation that falsely represented to the guardianship court.  Both, Basu and Reyes, falsely certified that they had evaluated the Norths’ mental conditions and their abilities to live independently.  Defendant Reyes was supervised by Dr. Basu at the time he signed a fraudulent physicians certificate.

Later, the family hired a local Psychiatrist Dr. Gregory Brown to render an opinion as to whether Norths medical records supported the necessity of guardianship.  After reviewing the medical records from Dr. Basu and other care providers, Dr. Brown concluded that there was no documentation of dementia or of a chronic deteriorating cognitive impairments.

Dr. Brown concluded that based on the information he reviewed did not support the necessity of a guardianship for Rudy North.

Attorney for John Reyes and Dr. Basu filed a motion to dismiss claim from professional malpractice.  However, after the courts consideration of the documents submitted and having heard the oral arguments presented by Defendant Reyes attorney, court ordered motions denied without prejudice.

Lawsuit is seeking a jury trial.

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