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Fraudster Mandeep Singh Strikes Again

The habitual swindler Mandeep Singh has defrauded another member of the local Indian community.  After tricking the local members of the Sikh community, including the former priest of the Gurudwara, Mandeep conned another Indian from Seattle who was visiting Las Vegas.  

This time the local Indian Anshu Pathak has alleged and filed a lawsuit in the District Court claiming Mandeep has defrauded him of $15,000.

As per the complaint, in December 2017 Mandeep met Anshu Pathak at the Sams Club’s (Serene and Eastern location) parking lot and introduced himself with an offer to Anshu that he will pay $1,500 profit on an investment of $7,000 within 21 days.  Anshu Pathak accepted Mandeep Singh’s offer and paid him $7,000 by check, which Mandeep cashed.  After receiving a check for $7,000 from Anshu, Mandeep contacted Anshu again and made another offer with $2,000 profit on an investment of $8,000. Anshu accepted Mandeep’s offer and wrote another check for $8,000 to Mandeep.

Mandeep wrote multiple checks from January 10ththrough January 21st, 2018, totaling $18,500 to Anshu Pathak.  It is alleged by Anshu that all the checks, totaling $18,500, were bounced and were written from a closed bank account.

To recover the outstanding amount, Anshu and Mandeep agreed to a handwritten agreement to pay back the amount in question by June 30th, 2018.  Additionally, the agreement was made that Mandeep will buy phones from Anshu totaling $15,000, which never came to fruition.

As per the lawsuit complaint, Plaintiff Anshu Pathak has suffered a financial loss of $65,000 and seeking court assistance to force Mandeep Singh to pay back the said amount with interest.

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2 Comments to Fraudster Mandeep Singh Strikes Again

  1. Anshu Pathak says:

    Mandeep Singh is a very professional soft-spoken con man. Evil. Ruthless. Merciless. Mandeep operates accounts opened by Indian Residents in Wells Fargo Bank with his forge signature. If you need more information, please contact me at and at 702 686 3369. Mandeep blackmails Sikh immigrants who are living in the USA with political asylum. Takes away their hard-earned money. Spoils their credit and destroy their lives. Mandeep will apply for loans and credit cards without your knowledge with your Social Security number. Beware.

  2. Harpreet says:

    Thanks Mr. Pathank. For coming up with this issue …We all need to work together against this con Mandeep Singh and Jaspreet Kaur . I m a Victim too and still fighting the case since 2016. We went through lot of stress Along with monetary losses. Just for future reference u can contact Detective Glen Rockwell( investigating officer). Will email u rest of the details .. Thanks Harpeet!!

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