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Guest Author – Pradip Bhatt on Diwali 2013

While President of the Friends of India has refused to answer the concerns of the community members, Pradip Bhatt, a passionate and well respected member of the community writes about bringing more professionalism to Friends of India.  Pradip recommends changes to future community events, specifically DIWALI 2014.

” Enough has been said about FOILV Diwali Program through VegasDesi.Com, verbally, personally and through other channels.  Let’s all of us move forward by making suggestions for improvements and for making changes.  Hope FOILV will listen.  Here are my thoughts:

I…… FOILV Committee Members and many other Volunteers spend time and effort organizing programs.  Bahoot Shukriya for doing it VOLUNTARILY!!  However, once Community puts trust in Capabilities of elected and selected FOILV Members, the Indian Community expects Class “A” performance by FOILV to deliver quality programs…. No Excuses!!  Expectations are High for 2014.
II……. Just focus on 4 Fundamental Things and don’t make too many radical changes that raises emotional intensity of the Indian Community.  4 Things are:
1. Food:  For Indians, Food is GOD.  Have food available that is Wholesome, Swadisht, Temperature Hot, properly cooked, spicy and vary familiar dishes with some variety cooked by Experienced and Capable Caterers.
2. Cultural Program:  Keep it CULTURAL.  Divide 30 Performances in following 6 Categories, each having 5 Performances.
Category #1: Classical Dances representing rich culture (Could be from Film)
Category #2: Folk Dances from various Regions of India
Category #3: Classical and Film Songs Singing
Category #4: Bollywood Dances
Category #5: Variety like Jokes, Mimicry, Magic, Short Play or Be Creative
Category #6: Performances by Children Age 12 and Under
Anybody of Age 13 and Older can Perform in one of the Top 5 Categories.
Start planning NOW for 2014 Diwali and solicit entries for all Categories. This will also give time for doing enough practice resulting in higher quality performance.  And Community will get involved.
3. Entertainment after Dinner:  This is mainly for Adults. Must please them.  Get High Quality Performers spending appropriate amount of money. 2013 = Rex Good, Other two DUDS and I don’t know what happened to remaining 2 Singers shown in the Picture!!
4. Ticket Prices must not be higher than $30 and Family Membership $25.  Diwali program is NOT for who can afford higher prices.  It should be affordable for most of the Community.  I heard the comment from one of the FOILV Member, “Can’t afford it, don’t come”!!  WRONG !!
RESTORE MEMBERSHIP AT 2012 LEVEL AND ADD NEW MEMBERS WHO REGISTERED AT 2013 DIWALI.  Make Independence Day and Holi events free for Members.  
Focus intensely, starting NOW, to get advertisements for 2014 Diwali.  This is where THE MONEY IS …… Go Get’m !!
FOILV Committee should strive to make Community Happy, not themselves !!  The ONLY INDICATOR of SUCCESS IS THE ATTENDANCE, STARTING FROM THE BEGINNING TO THE END …. not what people have said or have not said.
Pradip  I.  Bhatt 
Cell: 702-845-5462

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