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Guru Enterprises Files Bankruptcy

Gas station operator Guru Enterprises files bankruptcy under chapter 11 of the US bankruptcy code.


The bankruptcy petition has been signed by Mr. Amarjeet Johal, Manager of the Guru Enterprises.  Amanpreet Bains is named as the President and 100% shareholder of the Guru Enterprises with a gas station located at 7730 S. Jones Blvd.  Major creditors include Gasoline Vendor Brad Hill and Associaties, Coremark, Costco, IRS, and the local utilities.  As per filing, Guru Enterprises has an estimated assets of close to $160,000 with majority of that in groceries, and other inventory items.  Liabilities totaling $109,514 include tax liability to IRS and other unpaid expenses.

As per the filing Guru Enterprises had a net loss from operations totaling $ 142,550 and $ 171,305 in 2012 and 2011 respectively.

Currently, the Guru Enterprises has two business lawsuits pending in the Clark County District Court. 

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