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Guru Shreekalp Ji to visit Las Vegas Hindu Mandir

Guru Shreekalp Ji from India will be at the Hindu Mandir for a spiritual and intellectual discussion on Living a Blissful Life, on Sunday May 10th at 1:00 p.m.

Community members are invited by the local host Rajani Phalke for a discussion with Shreekalp Ji on the path to Love, Happiness and Knowledge starting at 1:00 p.m.

Shreekalp Ji, son of Shree Jagadguru Narendra Aacharya Maharaj, is from a small town named Nanij in the Ratnagiri district in Maharashtra.  Shreekalp Ji is visiting his followers across the United States and Canada with a message on Truth, Happiness and Life.  From an early age he started practicing contemporary spiritual philosophy to help people with day-to‐day life issues.  It is this aspect of his life and teachings, which has made him one of the modern torchbearer in the spiritual and philosophical world.

His Style of open discussion and connecting with masses has earned him a huge following at very young age. 

“Life Guidance” program with Shreekalp Ji will focus on how to ‘live with truth’ and enjoying a ‘blissful life’.  Philosophy of the program is very unique and is not based on beliefs of any denomination.


The program roadmap is to discover oneself and live a meaningful and purposeful life.  The discussion will be on how to improve yourself with a disciplined approach to live your day-to-day life.  Reality of life along with ways to live with truth and improve your deeds – the “Karma” will be discussed and explained with examples.


For further information, please contact Rajani Phalke at 702-416-3148


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