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HOLI Celebrations Goes Virtual

Las Vegas Indian community club Friends of India invites the community to celebrate HOLI 2021 virtually.  Due to ongoing COVID pandemic restrictions the Friends of India has decided to skip an in-person Holi celebrations.

The last in-person, pre-pandemic,  Holi celebrations in 2019 were attended by over 400 community members. 

So please join the newly elected members of the Friends of India executive committee to enjoy the vibrant virtual Holi colors on Saturday, April 10th at 5 pm on YouTube and Facebook Live.

Please check out the HOLI 2019 pictures….      VIDEO  VIDEO 1 VIDEO 2

Enjoy the prior year HOLI Pictures… 2018 2017 2015 2014 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005

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6 Comments to HOLI Celebrations Goes Virtual

  1. SC says:

    I used to take part in FOLIV cultural programs in the past and I really love the group. The current President looks like egotistical, having inflated view of his self-importance and very much into his own world. Lengthy speech and I see only his pictures everywhere. Although Purbasha ma’am managed it so well. She is the best Cultural Secretary so far. Nice selection of dance numbers but the songs melody was not up to the standard. Some singers performed very bad. Chandra ma’am group skit and dance are the highlight of the show. Past two years raised the bars. Hope the current committee will continue the same but the leadership is very poor.. Good luck.

  2. peter says:

    Agree with the comment from S C . The president is more in labeling him more than he is or deserve. If Rama was labelled as king Rama – He would not have got the respect or worshiped.

  3. Paul says:


    I wish you peace and hopefully you can work to build one another up, instead of tearing one another apart.

    Ram and his colleagues sponsored the entire Holi program, so it was free to the Indian community, Ram gave money for a purpose to the Temple, not asking anything in return. Ram encourages participation, is grateful for the work and participation of others, and works tirelessly to bring the community together. He goes above and beyond.
    He expects goodness, truthfulness, and integrity from those who work with him.
    He is kind, caring, understanding, and forgiving, as well.
    It just takes pure eyes to see this.

    This is a leader who leads by example. Servant leadership for the greater good.

    Again, let’s build one another up. Be a good person, not this person you are hiding behind to make bad comments for no reason other than to forward your own personal agenda.


  4. LM says:

    Paul, its you who is hiding behind bad person and writing for him in his favor and getting paid. Looks like he hired you. You cannot ask others to not to express his/her opinion.
    “This is a leader leads who leads by example” or who lay bad examples. He should resign and let the VP take over. জাইসি করনী ওয়াইসি ভরনী

  5. mahendra mehta says:

    Dear community leaders and members,

    FOI is the organization functioning with the support of community leaders and volunteers who are stepping up to fulfill the mission of the organization . With the kind support of all of us , the organization can raise funds and execute events to bring community together.

    Running a non profit cultural organization is not easy . I and many of the past presidents have first hand experience. Lots of time , efforts and team work is needed to execute the three key FOI events successfully . Community participation and support is critical to the success of these events and it has always been there. We should be thankful to the community and the executive committee for their efforts. We all should come together and rally behind our leaders and support their efforts. This way we send a message of unity and togetherness and show our solidarity.

    Every committee has good intent to do their best within the resources they have available at that time. Positive support results in enthusiasm and individual’s desire to do better. Negative support discourages future leaders to step up .

    Please support and encourage the efforts of current committee and future committees for good of the organization. Pick the phone and share your ideas and concerns with the committee if you have any. Encourage them to step up by positive support. Stay away from public criticism of individuals. No one is perfect. Negativity breeds negativity and the positivity stays hidden. So please reverse the momentum with positivity.

    Thank you all for your continued support to FOI .

  6. Peter says:

    Why FOILV president Raam Singh is applying for president post for Hindu Temple committee election. Isn’t it conflict of interest? He should resign from FOILV and join hindu temple and let the VP take over. It will be good for FOILV.

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