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Indian Dance Night at UNLV

Community is invited to an annual dance celebrations by UNLV Indian Students Association ‘Maitri’ on June 8th 2014.  Event is chorogerophed by Sruti Das, formerly of Cirque du Soleil, Las Vegas.




This dance program is choreographed by Sruti who received training in Bharatnattyam for 20 years from Kalamandalam, Calcutta, India.  She learned Kathakali from Guru Govindan Kutti.  She received national scholarship for modern dance in India.  She worked with Dr. Manjusree Chaki Sirkar & Ranjabati Sirkar, the legendary figure of Nava-Ntritya movement.  Sruti represented India as a modern dancer in various international festivals.  In 1998 she went to Europe to perform in World Expo (International Festival).   


After coming back to India, she was selected by internationally famous dancer and choreographer Chandralekha of Chennai and started working under her.   In 2000, she went to Singapore to represent India in Singapore Art Festival.  In 2010, Sruti went to China to choreograph a dance piece under direction of Guy Caron, director of creation, KA by Cirque Du Soleil.  Sruti was Chairperson, Art Director and choreographer for NABC 2012 Closing Ceremony  ‘East meets West’.


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