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Indian Senior Citizens Organizational Group Meets – Setting the Stage for a Team Success

In an ongoing effort to bring in the Indian community senior citizens, organizer Ashok Goyal reports a decent turnout and enthusiastic feedback from the attendees of the first organizational meeting.

The meeting, held at the Vegas ISCKON Radha Govinda Temple, brought in 13 active seniors with the goal of arranging a host of activities for the growing, prosperous, diverse, and aging population of the Indian community.

“To start with, the group will arrange activities directly related to good health and nutrition,” said Ashok Goyal. Goyal continued, “the group will encourage interactive support group to help each other in times of need.” The group is planning to arrange regular outdoor or indoor activities for senior citizens, including but not limited to dining out, exploring local new places, pot-luck luncheons/dinner. Moving further, the group has decided not to have any membership dues to join.

Please contact Ashok Goyal at 702-683-1386 if you have any family members or acquaintances will be interested in joining the group.

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