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The Shattered Dream – Love Story and Passage to America by Jagdish Patel

Long time Las Vegas resident Jagdish Patel recently released his debut non-fiction book -The Shattered Dream: Love Story and Passage to America.

The Shattered Dream is a memoir of Las Vegan Jagdish Patel in love during his passage from India to the United States.  The articulated memoir is a kaleidoscope of Jagdish Patel’s emotions – joy, shyness, ecstasy, anger, disbelief, dream and disappointment.  Jagdish came to the United States as a graduate engineering student and writes about his acceptance to this great country.  The 114 page book highlights his journey from Ahmedabad, Gujarat to conspicuous Las Vegas with real life cultural experience, love story, and broken dreams.


ExcerptThat was my first meeting with Meena.  Like the first drizzle of monsoon that ends before the hot dust of summer cools down, before children run into the streets to enjoy rain showers and girls in their puberty enjoy the fragrance of wet fields, she pedaled away on her bicycle…Still I was happy that Meena didn’t insult me or get angry…It was enough to give me solace.



My dislike of traditions and customs in our culture was increasing.  I questioned the reasons for an results of the lack of ethics that I saw in our society, and the maltreatment of women.  Unconsciously, I was laying a foundation on which I would build my future.  I considered myself different from my contemporaries in the sense that I was more mature and had a better idea of right and wrong.



Immigrants, especially from South Asia, will relate their own experiences to the author’s depicted in the book. The first and to some extent second generation Indian-Americans will enjoy reading the old-fashioned love story and learn about one young Indian student’s journey to America in the nineteen sixties.


Jagdish Patel has written a self-help book The Seven Cs of Happiness, and two Gujarati novels, Swapna Bhang and Neha. He has been a frequent contributor to The Las Vegas Review Journal, India Abroad, and Gurjari Digest.  


The paperback edition is available on Amazon for $6.29, and Kindle (Digital Edition) for $2.99,at the following link:

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