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Jain Community Retreat in Las Vegas

For the first time, 26 prominent leaders of the Jain community from across the United States will be coming to Las Vegas from October 14-19, 2016 for a retreat.

These participants will be coming from Boston, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Houston, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Laguna Beach, River Side, San Diego, Iowa City, Iowa and Norway. Most of the participants are renowned for their visionary leadership, dedication and philanthropy. The list of participants include 2 Past Presidents of Federation of Jain Associations in North America (JAINA), founders of Jain Centers in Boston, Los Angeles,  New Jersey, Phoenix , Houston, Toledo (Ohio) and Philadelphia,  donors to establish Chairs for Jain Studies at University of California Irvine and other universities, singer,  retired Professor,  researcher, artist and authors. 

The purpose of this retreat is to mix, mingle establish relationship with local fellow Jains and non-Jains, relax, have fun, share and learn from each other. Jain SANGH of Las Vegas is excited and is looking forward to welcoming all these guests.

The program includes, Meet and Greet, Singing bhajans, Lectures on Scientific Basis of Jain Karma theory, Status and Progress of Jain Academic Education in North America and visit to local attractions etc. Several Las Vegas Jain families will be hosting these guests to diner receptions at their homes. The time and topics for lectures will be published soon. The time for bhajans at the temple will be published soon. Please join us for these events. 

Another significant highlight of this retreat is a donation of about 320 books (all in English) on Jainism to UNLV library to promote the studies in Jainism at the university.

For details please contact Dr. Sulekh Jain, Mahendra and Chandra Mehta, Mrs. Neeta Daulat and Drs.  Himanshu and Lopa Shah. 

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