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Joe Lombardo for Governor Reception Attracts Large Crowd

The midterm election campaigning is already riveting on all cylinders.  The 2022 midterm election has energized the local South Asian community with many members of the community actively engaged in campaigning for their preferred candidate.

Recently, attorney Paul Padda along with spine surgeon Dr. Jaswinder Grover, and CEO Ali Rizvi hosted Sheriff Joe Lombardo, the Republican candidate for Governor.  The event drew over 200 members of the Las Vegas community with a large number of attendees representing the local Indo-Pakcommunity.  The event presented an opportunity for attendees to meet Joe Lombardo one-on-one.  Lombardo acknowledged the commitment and support for his candidacy and thanked the hosts (Padda, Grover and Rizvi) for energizing the community for Nevada’s betterment.  The Indo-Pak community in Nevada has grown significantly in recent years but has unfortunately not always received the respect and recognition from elected officials that it deserves.  Joe Lombardo acknowledged the significant contributions by the Indo-Pak community to the betterment of Nevada and paid particular tribute to the hard work, family values and commitment to education that South Asians are so well-known for.      

Welcoming the attendees, Paul Padda, a prominent trial lawyer in Nevada, stated “I stand before you today not as a Democrat or Republican but stand here as an American who loves this city . . . I speak for many people when I say what I want in a Governor is someone who is going to make tomorrow better than yesterday.”  Drawing loud applause, Padda introduced the excited and energized crowd to Sheriff Lombardo.   

In addressing the attendees, Sheriff Lombardo spoke about his professional law enforcement background and his commitment to keeping Southern Nevada safe.  Lombardo emphasized issues important to the Indo-Pak community –  education, security, pro-small business policies, good-paying jobs, and meaningful economic growth.  Lombardo continued with his vision for a bold change to improve the quality of education in Nevada:  “It’s not acceptable to be 49th or 50th in the nation when it comes to educating our children,” said Sheriff Lombardo.

The event was very well attended by a diverse group of people (Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike) that were energized for change.  On attendee commented “I like Joe Lombardo’s commitment to small business and security.  As the owner of a convenience store, it’s important that we have a strong police force and that my contribution to society as a businessperson and employer is respected.  This man [Lombardo] feels like an authentic person rather than a fake politician that tells you one thing but then does something else after they have your campaign contribution.  I like what Joe stands for.”    

The mid-term early voting starts May 28th, with a primary election scheduled for June 14th, 2022.

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