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Kabir Singh Kamboj becomes the first Indian-American Turban-Wearing Sikh Police Officer to Join Las Vegas Metro

Indian-American Kabir Singh Kamboj will go in the local history books to be the first police officer with a turban to join Las Vegas Metro.  The local Sikh community passionately lobbied Metro to adopt the new policy to accommodate Kamboj so that he can continue to practice his faith while protecting the community.

Kabir with wife Anjali at the graduation ceremony

Growing up Kamboj was profoundly enthralled in joining law enforcement to serve the community.  It helps Metro to meet the growing commitment for a diverse workforce to serve the changing local demographics.  After six months of grueling training, Kamboj graduated from the Las Vegas Metro Academy with a long-lasting friendship and unbreakable bond with brothers and sisters of the badge.

Proud Dad

Before moving to Vegas, Kamboj completed high school and college in Orange County, Southern California.  Kamboj’s family is proud of his achievements and commitment to serving the community.  “I could not have accomplished this without the support of my loving family and friends, especially my wife, Anjali”, said Kamboj.  For over the past five years, Kabir’s father, Harjinder Singh Kamboj is a franchisee of multiple local seven-eleven convenience stores. 

To join the Metro, Kamboj had to attend the Metro Academy which provides law enforcement instruction in a professional, motivating, intensely challenging and disciplined environment. 

The thought-provoking academics at the academy are at the college level. The classroom instruction assists the prospects with testable material for written exams, practical skills evaluations, and all the comprehensive tests focusing on criminal, constitutional, and civil law to firearms training, investigations, and more.

 “It’s a great honor and I really looking forward to representing well for my people and on the behalf of the department that has given me an opportunity to represent my faith”, said Kamboj to KTNV 13 news reporter (video below).  

Credit – As reported by KTNV Channel 13

LVMPD continues to recruit candidates with a diverse outlook for police officers and corrections officers.  If interested, please visit

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  1. Yayavar says:

    Congratulations to Officer Kamboj for becoming the changing face of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Hope Officer Kamboj will be the guiding light for many aspirants from our diverse community to join the police force.

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