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Kamala Kanta Vijai and Girija Vijay – Philanthropy Runs in their Veins

Those who know Girija, they know her as a Women on the Go.  Girija is instrumental in bringing EKAL Vidyalaya program to Las Vegas and for the past seven years has dedicatedly raised funds for EKAL’s successful educational programs across India.

After spending over 40 years in Atlanta, Kamala Kanta Vijai and Girija Vijay moved to Las Vegas to be closer to their son Sandeep Vijai.  In 1966, after completing Ph. D. from Purdue University in Chemistry, the family moved to Atlanta, where Kamala worked for Lockheed Martin.  After few years with Lockheed Martin, Kamala Kant accepted an academic position at Morehouse College teaching Physical Chemistry, while Girija took a position as a Library Director at the Woodruff Medical Center at Emory University.

Vijais’ were the prominent members of the Indian community in Atlanta and were instrumental in starting Indian American Cultural Association.  With interest in music and arts, Girija established Indian Classical Music Society of Georgia and as an accomplished musician herself, she accompanied some of the prominent Indian musicians, including Ravi Shankar and Ustad Akbar Ali Khan to perform in live shows across Southeast.

Griija with Ravi Shankar & Alla Rakah

With Ustal Ali Akbar Khan at a concert at Emory University

Kamala Kant and Girija are consistent with their philanthropy efforts and are a generous funder for numerous community-oriented social projects. Through EKAL project Ms. Girija brought the local Las Vegas Indian community together who were craving to help with the educational needs of the underserved sections of the society across India.

Since their move to Vegas, the couple is committed & dedicated to philanthropy and charitable causes. The duo is also involved with shaping Hinduism through philanthropic generosity.  Their recent copious donation and multi-year commitment will foster better opportunities in understanding the complexities of diverse Hinduism. Vijay’s have invested profusely on education, humanity, and compassion in India and the United States including supporting educational institutions in their hometown of Kota, Rajasthan, India. Most recently, the couple committed $15,000 to the Infinity Foundation for shaping the lives of many young Indians.  Additionally, for over a decade the duo has donated a generous amount to Hindu American Foundation.

Vijay family justifiably will leave the lasting philanthropy legacy in Las Vegas with their shared values and vision of educating and assisting the underprivileged in India and the United States.

The upcoming EKAL program is scheduled for Friday, April 28th, 2017 at 7 pm.  Please contact Ms. Girija at 702-274-0583 for tickets and further information.


One Comment to Kamala Kanta Vijai and Girija Vijay – Philanthropy Runs in their Veins

  1. arun misra says:

    Girija and Kamalakant Vijai
    Was in Las Vegas
    Jan 2-4, at Ballys
    to explore the possibility of moving there
    from atlanta
    and set up an office there
    with Partner, Mahesh Odhrani
    Looked for Girija Vijay
    could not locate her
    old e-mails did not work
    Will be back in LV again in July
    will try contact Vijai’s again
    arun misra
    ps. Congratulations on work done for Ekal Vidyalaya

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