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Lawsuit Filed by a Former Physician Employee against Dr. Prem Kittusamy & Kittusamy M.D. Ltd.

Dr. Leonard D. Parilak, a former employee of Dr. Prem Kittusamy, M.D.,  is suing for the Breach of Contract, Breach of Covenant of Good Faith & Fair Dealing, Unjust Enrichment and Fraud.  

Plaintiff Dr. Leonard D. Parilak was employed by Dr. Kittusamy’s medical practice as a Physician beginning January 1, 2013, with an annual salary of $180,000 plus monthly productivity compensation.  In addition to Dr. Parilak’s base salary and productivity compensation, he was also entitled to periodic bonuses.

It is alleged that throughout the terms of employment, Dr. Parilak never received any part of his productivity compensation or discretionary bonuses that were due to him.  In July 2013, Dr. Parilak expressed his disappointment with Dr. Kittusamy over his failure to pay both – the productivity compensation and discretionary bonus and requested that Dr. Kittusamy fulfills his contractual obligations and pays him the delinquent compensation.

In response, Defendant Dr. Kittusamy decided to terminate Dr. Parilak’s employment.   It is further alleged that Dr. Kittusamy has failed to pay Dr. Parilak the amount of Accounts Receivables to which Dr. Parilak is entitled to based on the severance agreement signed by both.

Dr. Parilak is seeking an award of attorney fees, court costs and necessary disbursements pursuant to severance agreement.

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