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Las Vegan Rajesh Shrotriya’s 2014 annual compensation exceeds $4.8 million

In 2014 Spectrum Pharmaceuticals Chairman and CEO Dr. Rajesh Shrotriya’s, 71, became one of the highest paid corporate executive in Southern Nevada. 

Dr. Shrotriya’s total 2014 annual compensation reached over $4.8 million which was 52% less than his 2012 compensation.  In 2012, Dr. Shrotriya’s annual compensation was over $10 million.

The 2014 total compensation includes a base salary of $900,000, annual bonus of $900,000, Stock awards $723,000, option awards $2 million and $294,000 in other compensation.  Stock and option awards reflect the aggregate grant date fair value of the respective awards.  Other compensation of $294,000 includes automobile allowance, annual 401k matching contributions, health care premium and life insurance policies.

Dr. Shrotriya also have an outstanding option awards by Spectrum Pharmaceuticals.  As of April 30th 2015, Dr. Shrotriya has the beneficial ownership of over eight million in Spectrum’s common stock.  Additionally, the employment contract stipulates an estimated compensation of over $11 million in case of termination following a change of control of the company.

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