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Las Vegas Based Bergamo Acquisition Corporation Provides Sustainable

Mohammed Moten and Sohail Parekh of the Las Vegas based Bergamo Acquisition Corporation  are providing sustainable solar water pump with drinking water purification system, hybrid solar thermal power plants, and LED Lighting fixtures to people across the globe.

Solar Energy Tube Well Pump with Water Desalinization Built in Feature BGMO’s pump provides a higher horsepower pump with additional option of Water purification features.  Bergamo Acquisition Corp’s Solar Energy Operated water pumping and Water Desalination system can be used widely for seawater desalination, desert controlling, daily life water supply, agricultural irrigation, forest irrigation, waterscape, and water treatment project.


Bergamo Acquisition Corp offers Vertical Integration of Clean Energy: Bergamo delivers energy projects “from concept through completion” with a vertical portfolio of projects which include design, construction management and facility maintenance services. Bergamo’s financial partners include top multi-national corporations and government organizations. Bergamo sources and provides equipment, develop technology, and leverage our experience to offer turnkey solutions to developers, utilities, water districts, power plant owners, and industrial customers looking to diversify and complement their existing generation portfolio with compact solar thermal generation.


Bergamo is striving to be a leading supplier of renewable electricity and clean drinking water to millions of people inhabiting urban and rural areas across the globe. Bergamo Energy develops high efficiency state-of-the art combined cycle power plants that provide flexibility to meet site specific and customer needs.


Las Vegas based Bergamo Acquisition has a joint venture partners in India, Pakistan, Middle East, Australia and the United Kingdom.  For further information, please contact Sohail at  702.423.4588 or Mohd. Moten at 702.336.5551 for visit them on the web at

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