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Las Vegas Pakistani Physicians in the Forefront of Political Donations

2018 politicking has already begun and this year the local Pakistani Physicians are actively raising money for the congressional and senatorial races.  For the first time, in the recent history, the local Pakistani community donors have donated heavily to an incumbent Republican Senator Dean Heller.  Almost all the donors to the national political races are the local Pakistani Physicians.  There were no significant political donations from the local Indian community to any of the declared political candidates.

As of December 2017, the local Pakistani community has donated over $21,000 for the Congressional and Senatorial races.  Most of the donations went to an incumbent Republican Senator Dean Heller.  Surprisingly, this is for the first time that the local Pakistani community is donating to a Republican candidate.  In the past, most of the donations were directed by the then Senator Harry Reid to the Democratic Party or individually to Democratic candidates.

For US Senator, the community has donated $19,600 in a total of which $16,600 went to a Republican incumbent Senator Dean Heller; $1,300 to Republican Danny Tarkanian; and $1,380 to Democrat Congresswoman Jacky Rosen.  After showering thousands of dollars in the previous campaigns to Harry Reid and Democrats, it appears that Pakistani community has shifted loyalties from Harry Reid’s choice Democratic Congresswoman Jacky Rosen to the incumbent Republican Senator Dean Heller. It appears that the Pakistani community has rejected Harry Reid’s choice for the US Senate, Congresswoman Jacky Rosen.  Interestingly, one Indian American Vinod Gadley has been making a small monthly contribution on a regular basis to Jacky Rosen for US Senate.

For US Congress, the total money raised is under $2,000 of which $1,250 went to Democrat Susie Lee.  No donations were made to Congresswoman Dina Titus.

Here’s the list of donors…Donations to Candidates for Senator as of December 2017. Total Donation $19,281

Donor Amount Recipient
AHMAD, SHAMOON  $             500 Heller, Dean (R)
AHMED, BISMA                  500 Heller, Dean (R)
AKBAR, TANVEER              1,000 Heller, Dean (R)
AKHTAR, ANEEQA                  500 Heller, Dean (R)
ANJUM, SOHAIL              1,000 Heller, Dean (R)
ANWAR, JAVAID                  300 Heller, Dean (R)
ANWAR, JAVAID              2,000 Heller, Dean (R)
ANWAR, JAVAID                  300 Heller, Dean (R)
ARSHAD, ANEES              1,000 Heller, Dean (R)
AZI, RIZWAN                  500 Heller, Dean (R)
CHOWDHRY, BASHIR                  500 Heller, Dean (R)
CHOWDHRY, SHAHEEN                  500 Heller, Dean (R)
HAKIM, AZAM              1,000 Heller, Dean (R)
HAMID, SHAZIA                  500 Heller, Dean (R)
HAMID, ZAHID                  500 Heller, Dean (R)
KHAN, IKRAM              1,000 Heller, Dean (R)
RAZZAQ, IRFANA                  500 Heller, Dean (R)
SABIR, ANILA                  500 Heller, Dean (R)
SAGHIR, SHEIKH                  500 Heller, Dean (R)
SHUJA, AMIR              1,000 Heller, Dean (R)
TUFAIL, MUHAMMAD              1,000 Heller, Dean (R)
WAHID, SHAHID              1,500 Heller, Dean (R)
KITTUSAMY, PREM                  500 Tarkanian, Danny (R)
RAMANATHAN, MEENAAKSHI                  500 Tarkanian, Danny (R)
RASHID, BASHIR                  300 Tarkanian, Danny (R)
ANWAR, JAVAID                  500 Rosen, Jacky (D)
GADLEY, VINOD                  376 Rosen, Jacky (D
KHAN, IKRAM K                  500 Rosen, Jacky (D)
PATEL, DEBRA                      5 Rosen, Jacky (D)

Donations to Candidates for Congress as of December 2017. Total Donation $1,856

Donor Amount Recipient
SABIR, MUHAMMAD  $       1,000 Lee, Susie (D)
MATHUR, PUNAM               250 Lee, Susie (D)
NIGAM, SWADEEP               101 D’Silva, Reuben (3)
D’SILVA, REUBEN                    5 D’Silva, Reuben (3)
HAKIM, AZAM               500 Seaman, Victoria (R)
NONE Dina Titus (D)
NONE David McKeon (R)
NONE Scott Hammond (R)

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