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Lt. Gov. Hutchison Opens TravelNevada Office in New Delhi

Nevada Lt. Gov. Hutchison travels to India and opened a new Travel Nevada office to promote travel and tourism to Nevada.

Prior to embarking on his trip, Lt. Gov. Hutchison issued the following statement: “Opening an office in India will provide Nevada with greater opportunities to promote international travel and tourism to our state. We currently enjoy 6.5% of the India travel market share here in Nevada. With a new office in New Delhi I am confident that our increased presence will encourage even more tourists from India to visit the Silver State.” 


Lt. Gov. Hutchison in New Delhi, India with TravelNevada staff


On returning from his trip to India to open the TravelNevada office, Lt. Gov. Hutchison is even more upbeat and positive about the potential of welcoming increased numbers of Indian tourists to Nevada.  On his return, he issues the following statement:


“I’m deeply honored by the hospitality that was shown to me by the wonderful people of India, and even more excited about their desire to travel to Nevada. After my experiences in India, the wisdom in opening a new TravelNevada office there is clear. The people are warm, engaging, and excited to learn more about the many tourist destinations and entertainment options in the Silver State, and they are eager to travel here.”   

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