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Manas Asthana – RIP

15 years Las Vegas resident Manas Asthana passed away last month.  His death has been ruled as suicide with a gunshot wound to the head. 

Manas committed suicide three days after his wife, Shruti, filed for divorce. They were married for three years.  

Originally from Dehradun, India, Manas, an avid motor cyclist, was a graduate of Regional Engineering College, Trichy, India.  After graduating from the Engineering College in India, Manas came to UNR for his Masters in Civil Engineering.  In 2001, Manas graduated from UNR with a MS in Civil Engineering and moved to Las Vegas to join HDR Engineering with specialization in Bridge Engineering.  Prior to his death, he was working as a Project Engineer at HDR Engineering.

Manas is survived by his wife, Shruti and a son from previous marriage.  Day before committing suicide, Manas cashed out his bank account and took a cashier check for $30,055.  As Manas died without a will, his wife Shruti has filed a petition and has asked court to set aside the entire estate without administration to her as a surviving spouse.  The deceased estate includes a $30,055 cashier check and two cars with a total value of assets of close to $ 45,000.

Cremation arrangement were handled by Hites Funeral Home and Cremation Services.

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