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Marshall Khan Files an Employment Discrimination Lawsuit Against Employer Nellis Cab

Pakistani American and Las Vegas resident Marshall Khan has filed a lawsuit in US District Court against his former employer Nellis Cab.

Originally from Pakistan, US Citizen Marshall Khan has lived in the United States for 37 years.  Mr. Khan started working as a cab driver for Nellis Cab in June 2012.  During his employment with Nellis, Mr. Khan had an excellent attendance record with no unexcused absences along with an accident-free driving record.

Previously, Khan filed a charge of employment discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).  EEOC issued a Notice of Right to Sue to Mr. Khan. 

In filing, Mr. Khan has stated that he is a devout practicing Muslim.  On numerous occasions, Khan has filed requests to accommodate his schedule for the required daily prayers for his Muslim faith along with requests to improve his working conditions to bring them up to par with other Nellis drivers.

The most crucial request was in which Mr. Khan requested a change to the night shift to accommodate his fasting schedule for Ramadan.  It is alleged that Mr. Khan’s supervisor refused to entertain or discuss the request.  However, at the same time Nellis granted schedule change requests to other drivers and singling out Mr. Khan for denial of his requests.

It is alleged that Nellis retaliated against Mr. Khan by making his work life nearly intolerable.  On other occasion, on the advice of his Physician, he asked for a smoke-free cab due to severe allergy to cigarette smoke.  Nellis denied this request and frequently assigned him to substandard vehicles to drive.  Nellis discharged Mr. Khan due to his inability to fulfill the job requirement that of driving during the day shift.

It is alleged that defendant Nellis Cab discriminated against Khan beypermitting an ongoing pervasive pattern of denying reasonable accommodation requests.  Additionally, Mr. Khan alleges that due to the action of Nellis he has suffered lost wages, lost benefits, humiliation, embarrassment, lost employment opportunities, and a loss of self-esteem.

Mr. Khan is seeking a trial by jury, compensatory and punitive damages along with the reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs.

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